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CDRouter Demo System Requirements

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When evaluating a demo version of CDRouter, there are some minor hardware and system requirements to ensure you’ll get the most value out of your demo.

The production version of CDRouter requires the use of our hardware, the NTA1000. It’s tailored to the unique interface and performance needs of CDRouter when doing complex device testing.

CDRouter Demo Hardware Requirements

  • 64-bit (x86_64) Linux PC with at least three Ethernet interfaces; one interface for management and two for testing (virtual machines are not supported)

  • 2Gb of RAM

  • Pentium 4 class or better CPU recommended (2GHz or faster recommended)

  • 100M of free disk space; additional space will be required for storage of results and configuration files (100Gb or more recommended)

  • Supported 802.11 wireless card (only required for IEEE wireless LAN testing)

  • Supported ATM interface card for DSLAM configurations (only required for testing with ATM-based DSLAMs)

Please contact for assistance in selecting appropriate network interfaces for use with CDRouter.

CDRouter Demo Software Requirements

Note: Newer kernels may be required for specific features such as wireless support on some systems - please contact with any kernel- specific questions.



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