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How to transfer CDRouter configs, packages, and results to a new NTA1000

knowledge-base version 10.3


If you have recently upgraded your CDRouter system hardware to a new NTA1000 platform, this procedure will explain how to transfer all of your CDRouter configuration data and test results to the new system so you can continue testing right where you left off.


CDRouter stores all of its test data, including config files, packages, devices, and test results are stored in a central location on the system.

Prior to CDRouter 10.0, all of CDRouter’s data was stored in the /usr/buddyweb directory of the system. In CDRouter 10.0 and later versions, this data is stored in the /usr/cdrouter-data directory. When CDRouter is upgraded from an older version to 10.0 or higher, CDRouter automatically links these two directories together so that /usr/buddyweb and /usr/cdrouter-data both point to the same location on disk.

When copying this data to a new hardware platform, it is important to make sure the link between /usr/buddyweb and /usr/cdrouter-data is recreated as well. In most cases you will find that a new NTA1000 contains a /usr/cdrouter-data directory, and you will need to create a /usr/buddyweb link to it. It does not matter if /usr/buddyweb is a link pointing to /usr/cdrouter-data, or vice-versa, so long as both paths point to the same location on disk.


Both machines must be connected to the same network.

This procedure will make an exact copy of your CDRouter test data from your old system to the new NTA1000. Any data that is presently on the new NTA1000 will be deleted during this process.

Please contact if you have any concerns about preserving data that you may have created on the NTA1000 prior to running this procedure.

Upgrade CDRouter version

Important: Before copying any CDRouter data, both systems must be running the same version of CDRouter software. Copying data to a system running a different version of CDRouter could cause corruption in CDRouter’s database, and may lead to a permanent loss of data. Visit the CDRouter Support website to download CDRouter and upgrade your old system to the same version that is running on the new NTA1000.

If you are upgrading your system from a version prior to 10.0, please see the Migrating CDRouter Test Results Knowledge Base article for information on migrating your data and results into to CDRouter’s new database format.

Data transfer steps

  1. Make sure CDRouter has been shut down on both the old and new system by issuing the appropriate command on both machines:

    service cdrouter stop

    or (on CentOS 7 systems)

    systemctl stop cdrouter
  2. Copy the CDRouter test data from your old system to your new NTA1000, overwriting existing content.

    Enter the following rsync command, replacing <old_machine> with the IP address of your old CDRouter system.

    Otherwise, the command should be typed exactly as it appears below (even if /usr/cdrouter-data on your old system is a link to the /usr/buddyweb directory). Be sure to include the trailing slash ('/') at the end of "/usr/cdrouter-data/".

    NOTE: This command must be run from a terminal on the NEW NTA1000. Do not execute this command on the old CDRouter system!

    cd /usr/cdrouter-data
    rsync -av --delete root@<old_machine>:/usr/cdrouter-data/ .

    This may take a while depending on how much data you have.

  3. Create a link to the /usr/cdrouter-data directory:

    ln -s /usr/cdrouter-data /usr/buddyweb
  4. Restart CDRouter:

    service cdrouter start


    systemctl start cdrouter

Please contact if you have any questions or concerns regarding this procedure.



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