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The basic Ethernet-to-Ethernet router

knowledge-base version 10.7

The most basic CDRouter test setup is one in which the device under test (DUT) is an Ethernet-to-Ethernet router with a single Ethernet WAN interface and one or more Ethernet LAN interfaces. In this setup CDRouter connects directly to the DUT’s WAN and LAN interfaces via Ethernet and emulates the service provider network on the WAN side and one or more clients on the LAN side.

Test Setup


  • CDRouter or CDRouter Multiport
  • Two dedicated Ethernet network interfaces
  • One Ethernet-to-Ethernet router


  • Simple setup for Ethernet-to-Ethernet routers and CPE
  • Great for a stand-alone test station
  • Allows the device under test to be completely isolated
  • Perfect for debugging test failures and testing new functionality



About CDRouter

CDRouter is made by QA Cafe, a technology company based in Portsmouth, NH.

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