Creating WAN only custom test cases

For help on how to create and run your own custom test cases, please refer to the CDRouter Developers Guide

This KB should be considered an addendum to the Developer’s Guide. It provides additional information on how to stop the test harness from automatically skipping any test modules/cases in a test package that uses a configuration with lanInterface set to ’none’. This would most likely be for test cases that only test the WAN side of the DUT. The most common example would be custom TR-069 test cases.

As described in the Developers Guide, defining a test path directory (work area), creating a ‘modules’ file to load the custom modules, and the modules/test cases themselves should already exist.

In order to prevent the test cases from being skipped when lanInterface is set to ’none’, the following additional actions need to be performed:

  • In the custom test path directory, create or edit the file custom.dic. (This file will exist if you have also created custom testvars).

Place the following line at the top of the the custom.dic file:

source [ file join [ file dirname [ info script ] ] labels.dic ]
  • In the custom test path, create a file name labels.dic with the following content:
buddy::label_define requires-lan-interface-exceptions {
    modules {

Where ‘file.tcl’ will be the name of a custom module file. More than one module file may be specified. Each additional module should be placed one per line within the modules definition.