Error message: CONFIG-ERROR: invalid command name

If CDRouter fails to start and reports an error similar to the one below, you should be able to resolve it by making a simple change to your configuration file:

CONFIG-ERROR: There was an error loading the config file '/usr/cdrouter-data/.../<config filename>':

invalid command name "3001::1"
    while executing
    invoked from within
"testvar acsCpeConnReqURL      http://[3001::1]:80/cwmp"

This message indicates that a testvar setting in the CDRouter configuration file was misinterpreted as a TCL command by the configuration parser. This type of error should be detected by CDRouter’s configuration check, but if you save your configuration without performing the check you will see this output when you attempt to run your tests.

To prevent this error from occurring, be sure to escape any square brackets (’[’ and ‘]’) that appear in any testvar value by preceding them with a backslash, or enclose the entire expression in curly braces (’{’ and ‘}’).


testvar acsCpeConnReqURL http://\\[3001::2\\]:80/cwmp


testvar acsCpeConnReqURL {http://[3001::2]:80/cwmp}