How can I configure additional RADIUS server attributes?

You can configure the RADIUS server to include additional RADIUS attributes. Additional attributes will be sent for normal RADIUS client access and RADIUS/EAP sessions.

Up to 255 additional RADIUS attributes may be defined. Each RADIUS attribute is configured using two testvar entries for the RADIUS attribute type and raw hex data for the attribute. The RADIUS attribute data must be converted into the raw ascii hex format. See the CDRouter User’s Guide for more examples.

Example 1: Add RADIUS atrribute 200 and RADIUS attribute 201

testvar radiusServerAttrType1  200
testvar radiusServerAttrData1  04040404
testvar radiusServerAttrType2  201
testvar radiusServerAttrData2  0404040504040406

Example 2: CDRouter does not use a ‘State’ attribute by default

You can work around this by manually configuring CDRouter to always send a ‘State’ attribute. You can do this by defining an additional RADIUS attribute in your configuration file.

# -- manually add a 'State' attribute with data '01'
testvar radiusServerAttrType1  24
testvar radiusServerAttrData1  01

This will cause CDRouter to send the State attribute in all RADIUS server messages.