How can I control how many clients are used in the IPv6 Scaling tests

IPv4 addresses have always been strictly rationed by the organizations that allocate them. Because of this, managing IP address pools has normally been quite straightforward. Even managing a million or so IP Addresses has been within the capabilities of a single administrator, given the appropriate management style.

With the advent of IPv6, addresses are so plentiful, even tiny organizations are being allocated address pools that completely overwhelm the size of the entire IPv4 domain. Consider this: within 2%, there are 18 billion-billion addresses in the default 64 bit subnet. And each ISP customer is expected to receive 65 thousand of these subnets!

In the case of CDRouter, allocating too many clients for its IPv6 Scaling tests is a risk easily mitigated by adjusting a single testvar. To produce a manageable number of scaling test clients, the following testvar can be set:

testvar ipv6MaxLanClients 10

The scaling tests will use either DHCPv6 or stateless address auto configuration. In either case, the ability to restrict the size of this client base will allow CDRouter users to run the scaling tests without over-utilizing their CDRouter testing station.

If your DHCPv6 pool size is less than the ipv6MaxLanClients value, CDRouter will use the value of the DHCPv6 pool size.