How do I configure CDRouter's LAN client(s) for DHCPv6?

You can configure the CDRouter LAN Clients to request an address using DHCPv6. Normally, clients will use Router Advertisements to learn the IPv6 prefix, and then use stateless autoconfiguration to self-assign an IP Address. You can make CDRouter use the DUT’s DHCPv6 service by setting the following testvar:

testvar ipv6LanMode dhcp

Additionally, the DHCP pool range must be configured. The start and end addresses in the pool are hexadecimal values and should match the configuration of the DUT. To configure a pool size from 2 through 1F:

testvar ipv6DhcpClientStart ::2
testvar ipv6DhcpClientEnd ::1F

Please note that CDRouter will determine the correct prefix automatically, based off either the 6to4 configuration, or the ipv6LanIp and ipv6LanPrefixLen testvars, whichever is provided.

Finally, you may exclude certain hosts from the DHCP pool. CDRouter expects to not receive offers for these addresses, and will automatically fail a test if a LAN Client receives one. To exclude the two hosts ::3 and ::A, configure as:

testvar ipv6DhcpClientExclude "::3 ::A"

Please note that this reduces the pool size by 2.

If you would like to learn how to set the size of the client pool used for the IPv6 Scaling tests, please see this KB article.