How do I correct a problem with a custom testpath?

The following error may occur when trying to start CDRouter. This error indicates that there may be an issue with a custom testpath and/or a modules file that was recently loaded and/or modified. There are a number of reasons this can occur:

  • One or more custom testpaths do not exist or are otherwise invalid on your system
  • One or more of custom testpaths do not contain a modules file
  • The modules file in one or more custom testpaths contains faulty Tcl code or is otherwise invalid
  • One or more directories containing a pre-defined custom testpath have been removed and/or modified

CDRouter Error Message

ERROR: Could not access test path 'badTestPath'
ERROR: couldn't change working directory to "badTestPath": no such file or directory

If after investigation of all custom testpaths the exact reason for the error message above is unclear, please contact for assistance. The custom testpaths for a specific CDRouter system can be reset by manually editing the file /usr/cdrouter/etc/config.yml and removing the custom_testpaths line and all subsequent testpaths that have been specified.

In the example config.yml below the lines custom_testpaths: and - badTestPath would be removed.

main_interface: eth0
export_format: zip
port: 8015
talkback_port: 8080
- badTestPath
hostname: podXdemo
homepage_results: 5
upgrade: false