How do I know what a test case is doing?

CDRouter includes detailed information about all test cases in the test case descriptions and in log messages while tests are running.

Test Case Descriptions

Each test case contains a one line summary of the test objective along with a description of each step in the test procedure. The description is displayed in the test log before each test is executed.

You can also see the test case description at any time using the buddy -doc option. For example:

$ buddy -execute cdrouter_pppoe_client_1 -doc

The -doc option can display the summary for a single test case or multiple test cases:

$ buddy -module nat.tcl -doc

You can also create a HTML version of the test case descriptions using the buddy -web option:

$ buddy -web > test-summary.htm

More information can be found in this Knowledge Base article.

Test Log Messages

Each test case reports log messages during the test run. You can adjust the detail level of the log messages using several different buddy command-line options, as discussed in the following Knowledge Base article:

How do I adjust the log output level?