How do I troubleshoot my PPPoE connection when the device under test won't connect to CDRouter?

CDRouter’s default configuration for PPPoE/PPP should work for most routers that have a robust implementation. However, if you are unable to establish a PPPoE connection with CDRouter there are a few configuration options you can try:

Verify that your pppoeUser and pppoePassword testvars match the configuration of your router.

Some routers will not establish a WAN connection until there is traffic on the LAN that needs to be forwarded out the WAN. You can enable CDRouter’s PPPoE Connect-On-Demand test mode by configuring the pppoeConnectOnDemand testvar to yes. When this is enabled, CDRouter will try to send traffic from the LAN to the WAN when establishing the WAN link.

Verify that your router supports the configured pppAuthType . Some routers do not support CHAP.

If you haven’t configured a PPPoE service name on your router, try configuring the pppoeServiceName testvar to ‘any’. Or if you have configured a specific service name on your router, verify that the pppoeServiceName testvar is configured with the same value.

If you are receiving PPP LCP Configure-Nak packets from the PPP peer, you should double check that the router will accept the offered LCP MRU. Some routers will not negotiate a MRU size less than 1500 bytes. You can manually set the MRU size using the pppForceLcpMRU testvar. Please see this Knowledge Base article for more information.