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Keeping CDRouter and the NTA1000 Up To Date

CDRouter running on the NTA1000 hardware platform is the best CPE testing solution in the industry. Here’s how to keep your system up to date and make sure you have access to all of the features it has available.

Different types of upgrades

  • CDRouter updates - The CDRouter software is constantly being updated with new test cases and features. If your CDRouter system has an active Internet connection, it will automatically let you know when a new version becomes available. You can also find the latest CDRouter releases by logging into the Customer Lounge from the CDRouter Support website.

    Updating CDRouter can usually be done without updating the NTA1000 platform itself. Follow these instructions to keep your CDRouter software up to date with the latest version:

    CDRouter Installation and Upgrade Guide

  • CDRouter license file - In order to upgrade the CDRouter software, you must have a valid license file installed on your CDRouter system. Your CDRouter license file must be renewed before it expires in order to continue upgrading CDRouter as new versions become available. The following guide shows you how to update the CDRouter license file on your system:

    How do I update my CDRouter license?

  • NTA1000 major update - In rare cases, updating the NTA1000 system software requires the entire Linux operating system to be reinstalled using a special NTA1000 disk image available from the CDRouter Support website. The instructions below will guide you through the steps to download the latest disk image and update your platform.

    Rebuild the NTA1000 System Drive

If you’re not sure whether your system needs an upgrade, feel free to contact us at, and we’ll be happy to assist you.