What is the Router Advertisement Interval? How could an incorrect value cause test failures?

CDRouter listens for Router Advertisements from a DUT while performing most of its IPv6 test modules. These vital messages indicate the link layer address of the router and any IPv6 subnet prefixes for which it is providing. Each router is configured with a maximum duration between successive advertisements, but this duration can span from a few seconds up to several minutes.

By default, CDRouter is configured with the following:

testvar ipv6RAInterval 300

With this configuration, CDRouter will wait for up to exactly five minutes when waiting for a Router Advertisement. If a Router Advertisement hasn’t been received during an expected update, CDRouter will immediately continue to the next state of the test logic, which may include marking the test results as a failure. Therefore, it is crucial that the ipv6RAInterval testvar be configured at least as high as the maximum duration between Router Advertisements possible from the DUT.