Why are tests being run against a WAN interface that does not exist on my device?

During startup CDRouter’s internal ACS attempts to learn the IGD’s default WAN interface by matching the IP address of the WAN interface(s) learned in the initial Inform with the testvar wanNatIp which is the expected source IP of the IGD’s TR-069 client. If the testvar wanNatIp is not properly configured, the ACS will not find a match and will assume a generic default WAN interface for all subsequent tests. The generic interface may or may not exist on the IGD which can lead to failures in TR-069 specific test cases that utilize the IGD’s WAN interface.

If you are encountering this issue, verify that the testvar wanNatIp is configured properly. For most test setups the value of wanNatIp should be the same as wanIspAssignIp .