Why won't CDRouter start

Why won’t CDRouter start?

If you tried to start CDRouter but get an error page, you can look at the error message displayed and the information found here to remedy the problem.

Unsupported kernel version x.x.x, should be 3.10 or greater.

Beginning with CDRouter 10.2, a Linux 3.10 kernel or newer is required. Previous versions of CDRouter may have issued a warning about kernels older than 3.10 being deprecated. You can refer to this article to update your kernel and system software:

Could not access test path ‘/custom/test/path’

CDRouter is looking for a custom test path, but that path could not be found. There is a link on the error page allowing you to clear all custom test paths so that CDRouter can start. Once started, you can then navigate to ADMIN -> SYSTEM -> Preferences to configure your custom test paths. You can refer to this article for more information:

Problem with the license file

A valid license file is required to start CDRouter. You can request a license from the Customer Lounge by running the command cdrouter-cli -update-license and then restarting CDRouter: systemctl restart cdrouter. For more information, refer to this article:

Still no luck?

If you’re still having problems getting CDRouter to start, please contact support@qacafe.com for help.