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The CDRouter Advanced Test Lists


The CDRouter Advanced testlists are intended to be collection of test cases for functional areas. These testlists are intended as starting point and may be combined with different WAN modes, performance metrics, and advanced settings to give full coverage. Additional configuration of both CDRouter and the device are required to execute all the tests in these list.

Test Coverage

The CDRouter Advanced testlist provides coverage for functional areas that should be supported by most devices.

Advanced Testlist Description Number of Tests Required Add-Ons
Application HTTP/HTTPS, SIP, DynDNS, uPNP tests 288 IPv6
BBF.069 Broadband Forum’s BBF.069 certification tests 83 BBF.069, TR-069
DNS DNS, DNS Proxy, DoH, DoT, DNS over TCP tests 286 IPv6
DOCSIS Cable Modem and eRouter interface tests 101 DOCSIS, IPv6
IPv4 CPE DHCP, DNS, firewall and NAT tests 155 CDRouter
IPv6 CPE DHCPv6, DNS, and IPv6 Neighbor Discovery tests 317 IPv6
Multicast IGMP and MLD on LAN tests 62 IPv6, Performance
TR-069 TR-069 basic functionality tests 39 TR-069
Security Firewall, scans, and vulnerabilities test 205 IPv6, Security, TR-069, DOCSIS
USP Broadband Forum’s BBF.369 certification tests 78 USP
Wireless Scaling, DHCP, and guest network tests 131 IPv6, Multiport

Expected Results

The DUT may not pass all tests in a testlist. Most devices should fail no more than 10 test cases. A group of failures for a specific testlist feature indicates that the DUT may not support or may not be configured for that particular feature.


The CDRouter Application testlist is automatically installed with all CDRouter 13.16 or newer releases and may be included within new or existing test packages.

Note that CDRouter will automatically overwrite this testlist whenever you update or reinstall CDRouter. If you’d like to modify or customize this testlist in any way, you should make a copy or create a new testlist from scratch.