CDRouter BBF.069 add-on Installation Guide

CDRouter BBF.069 is an add-on test module for CDRouter developed by the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory as part of the Broadband Forum’s BBF.069 certification program for TR-069 devices. Although certification can only be obtained through official testing conducted by the UNH-IOL, the CDRouter BBF.069 add-on will help you prepare and determine your device’s readiness to undergo certification testing.

Version information:

CDRouter 10.4 and newer

If you are running CDRouter 10.4 or higher, the BBF.069 test modules are automatically included and updated automatically with CDRouter. There is nothing additional to install and the information in this guide does not apply to your system.

Older versions of CDRouter

If you are running CDRouter 10.3 or earlier, the CDRouter BBF.069 add-on is only available as a separate package that must be downloaded installed onto an existing CDRouter system. This guide will walk you through the steps required to add CDRouter BBF.069 to your system and begin testing. The installation process is very similar to that used to install the base CDRouter product.

The table below shows which version of CDRouter is required by each release of the BBF.069 add-on tests.

BBF.069 Version CDRouter minimum ver. CDRouter maximum ver.
BBF.069 8.1 (build 1) CDRouter 10.3 (build 6) CDRouter 10.3 (build 6)
BBF.069 6.1 (build 2) CDRouter 10.0 (build 1) CDRouter 10.3 (build 5)

Versions of the BBF.069 add-on lower than 6.1 build 2 are no longer supported


Before downloading CDRouter BBF.069, you must complete the following steps to prepare your CDRouter system:

  • Upgrade CDRouter - You will not be able to access or run any tests from the CDRouter BBF.069 add-on until you have upgraded the base CDRouter product to a version that recognizes and supports it.

  • Update your CDRouter license file - Your CDRouter license file contains information about which add-on modules you have purchased for your system. If you have recently purchased the BBF.069 add-on, you must update the CDRouter license file on that system in order for the add-on to be recognized.

Please see the CDRouter Installation and Upgrade Guide for help with either of the prerequisite steps above.

Step-by-step Instructions

Step 1: Download the installer

The CDRouter BBF.069 installer is available in our Customer Lounge, in the same location where you would download CDRouter.

The installer file is named as follows:

eg.: cdrouter-iol-bbf-069_8.1-1.bin

Step 2: Make the installer executable

Once downloaded to your Linux host, make the installer executable:

$ chmod 755 cdrouter-iol-bbf-069_8.1-1.bin

Note: You may need root-level access to perform this step. Root-level access can be obtained by logging in as root or issuing the sudo su command.

Step 3: Run the installer

The installer contains additional binary packages for many Linux distributions and will automatically install the correct files for your Linux distribution along with CDRouter.

$ ./cdrouter-iol-bbf-069_8.1-1.bin

Step 4: Restart

You must restart CDRouter in order for it to recognize the newly installed BBF.069 add-on. This can be done from the System page in CDRouter’s web interface, or by running the following command as root:

$ service cdrouter restart

To verify that the CDRouter BBF.069 add-on is enabled on your system, go to the System page within CDRouter’s web interface and verify that BBF.069 is listed as an add-on. Click the Show cdrouter-cli -info button to confirm that the BBF.069 package is active on your system. You can also verify this by running the command cdrouter-cli -info from a terminal on the CDRouter system.

$ cdrouter-cli -info

Starting /usr/cdrouter/bin/cdrouter-cli Wed Aug 16 10:41:18 EDT 2017
Copyright (c) 2001-2017 by QA Cafe
Version 10.3 build 6 (24514), built 2017-06-19 15:34:06 by build@cdr-forge6.lan (x86_64)
OS: CentOS Linux 7.2.1511 (4.4.20-1.el7.elrepo.x86_64)
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790S CPU @ 3.20GHz
Current testpath: /usr/cdrouter/tests
Trying to load modules from '/usr/cdrouter/tests'
Start command: /usr/cdrouter/bin/cdrouter-cli -testpath /usr/cdrouter/tests -info
Test Suite cdrouter 10.3.6
The system ID is 396cc2255f1e9a5fa5282eb5ea17f30a
Using license installed at: /etc/cdrouter.lic
Serial number: NTA1000-10519
Registered to: qacafe
Maintenance, support and upgrades until: 2017-12-20
Licensed to run: cdrouter
    Multiport   is enabled
    IPv6        is enabled
    Storage     is enabled
    IKE         is enabled
    TR69        is enabled
    TR69-EDM    is enabled
    Nmap        is enabled
    BBF.069     is enabled
    SNMP        is enabled
    Performance is enabled
    ICS         is enabled
    DOCSIS      is enabled
Trying to load modules from '/usr/cdrouter/vendor/IOL/BBF.069/Tests'
NTA platform 5, image 5.1, serial number NTA1000-10519
BBF.069 version 8.1-1 (24500)

Once CDRouter has restarted, click on the Packages link in the web interface and create a new package or open an existing one. The CDRouter BBF.069 test cases should now be available in the Test Selection section of the package editor.


Please note that the CDRouter BBF.069 module requires some additional configuration settings beyond those necessary for other TR-069 testing. Please see the CDRouter BBF.069 User Guide to learn how to update your existing TR-069 config files to run the test modules in the BBF.069 add-on.

Information about configuring CDRouter’s ACS and other TR-069 testing details are provided in the CDRouter TR-069 User Guide.