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The CDRouter IPv6 Top 100 Tests


The CDRouter IPv6 Top 100 is a collection of 100 test cases that is designed to verify the basic IPv6 functionality of a typical CPE gateway device with the following features:

  • Dedicated LAN and WAN
  • DHCPv6 with Prefix Delegation on the WAN
  • Autoconf on the LAN
  • Firewall

The IPv6 Top 100 is a great starting point for new users or users that are testing brand new devices for the first time. The IPv6 Top 100 also allows users to quickly verify a setup or configuration and set a baseline for basic IPv6 gateway functionality within the DUT.

Test Coverage

The CDRouter IPv6 Top 100 Test List provides coverage for core IPv6 functionality, and can only be run on systems that have the CDRouter IPv6 expansion enabled.

The tests are taken from the modules listed in the table below. (The full list of test cases can be found in the “CDRouter-IPv6-Top-100” testlist on the Packages page within CDRouter.)

Test Module Description Number of Tests
basic-v6 Basic IPv6 extension header processing tests 16
icmp-v6 ICMPv6 tests for baseline ICMPv6 not including Neighbor Discovery 18
firewall-v6 IPv6 Firewall tests including port scans 18
forward-v6 IPv6 forwarding tests with different packet sizes and directions 2
apps-v6 Application tests for IPv6 13
dns-v6 IPv6 DNS proxy and DNS failover related tests 21
http-v6 IPv6 HTTP related test cases 2
https-v6 IPv6 HTTPS related test cases 2
http2-v6 IPv6 HTTP/2 related test cases 2
http2-tls-v6 IPv6 HTTP/2 over TLS related test cases 2
ipsecpt-v6 IPv6 IPSEC based VPN pass through from the LAN to the WAN 3
frag-v6 IPv6 fragmentation tests 1

Expected Results

Use the IPv6 Top 100 test list as a starting point for testing. It should take no more than 20 minutes to run all 100 tests.

It is possible that your device will not pass all 100 tests in the IPv6 Top 100. Most devices will pass 95 or more of the tests in this list. This is helpful, however: failures in the IPv6 Top 100 may indicate that there is a setup or configuration issue that should be addressed and/or understood before performing additional, more complex, testing with CDRouter.


The CDRouter IPv6 Top 100 is automatically installed with all CDRouter 11.3 or newer releases and is available as a test list that can be included within new or existing test packages.

Note that CDRouter will automatically overwrite this testlist whenever you update or reinstall CDRouter. If you’d like to modify or customize this testlist in any way, you should make a copy or create a new testlist from scratch.

Please watch the following video for more information on using test lists within CDRouter, or read
How to Create and Run a Testlist for detailed instructions.

Test Setup & Configuration

For devices operating as basic IPv6 gateways, the tests within the IPv6 Top 100 have been selected to be configuration agnostic. The IPv6 Top 100 require little to no additional configuration of the DUT and should work with most default configurations.

From CDRouter’s perspective, the only requirements are that the LAN and WAN test interfaces within the CDRouter configuration file are properly defined. By default, CDRouter’s LAN and WAN test interface are set to eth1 and eth2, respectively:

testvar lanInterface eth1
testvar wanInterface eth2

If the DUT is connected to CDRouter using different interfaces, the lanInterface and wanInterface must be properly configured.