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CDRouter 11.3

Release Type Release Number Release Date
Original CDRouter 11.3 Build 1 March 28, 2019
Maintenance Release 1 CDRouter 11.3 Build 2 April 25, 2019

Note: CDRouter 11.3 includes many new features and configuration testvars. Old config files can be automatically upgraded to include all new CDRouter 11.3 testvars using the config upgrade utility.

Attention: Operating System Deprecation Notice

Support for the Ubuntu operating system and CentOS 6 has been deprecated. CDRouter systems running on Ubuntu or CentOS 6 will now see warning messages during installation and in the ‘start’ log of a test run.

Support for both of these operating systems will be officially removed with the next major version of CDRouter (12.0). Please contact for additional information and assistance in migrating to a supported operating system.

All CDRouter systems will require the CentOS 7 operating system in order to install CDRouter 12.0 and beyond.

March 28, 2019

New Features and Enhancements


  • Support for captive DNS

    The cdrouter_app_30 and ipv6_app_112 test cases have been updated to support captive DNS, which is a DNS filtering feature that re-routes all outbound DNS requests to the DUT’s local DNS server.

    Captive DNS prevents LAN clients from bypassing any DNS based content filtering or parental control mechanisms that may be implemented within the DUT. The new testvar dnsCaptive specifies whether or not captive DNS is enabled within the DUT.

CDRouter IPv6

  • New IPv6 Top-100 Test List

    CDRouter now includes a sample test package containing CDRouter’s top 100 IPv6 test cases. The tests in the IPv6 Top-100 test list focus on fundamental IPv6 functionality that every IPv6 CPE gateway should support. This test package can be used as a testing benchmark of essential IPv6 support, and is a great way to quickly evaluate the IPv6 operation of any CPE device. This package is also marked as a test list, so it can be included automatically in any other CDRouter test packages that you build. You can read more about the IPv6 Top 100 test list in our quick start guide.

CDRouter TR-069

  • New TR-069 Essentials Test List

    CDRouter now includes a sample test package containing CDRouter’s TR-069 test cases. The tests in the TR-069 Test List focus on core TR-069 functionality including CWMP protocol operation and Baseline data model support that every TR-069 capable CPE device should support. This test package can be used to set a baseline for a CPE’s TR-069 support, and is a great way to quickly evaluate the fundamental operation of any TR-069 device. This package is also marked as a test list, so it can be included automatically in any other CDRouter test packages that you build. You can read more about the TR-069 test list in our quick start guide.

  • Support for TR-069 Amendment 6 enhancements

    CDRouter has been updated to support many of the new features and enhancements added to Amendment 6 of the TR-069 specification published by the Broadband Forum. Updates include support for Alternate Firmware Images, Heartbeat Inform Events, and Wildcard Parameter Names. New test cases have been added to the tr69.tcl module to validate these features on the CPE device under test.

CDRouter Performance

  • New testvar for specifying differentiated services code point (DSCP) value

    The new testvar perfDSCP can be used to set the differentiated services field (DS field) in the IPv4 header or the traffic class field (TC field) in the IPv6 header of all performance traffic that is generated by CDRouter to a specific value.


  • New 5.5 Golden Image

    A new version of the NTA1000 disk images has been created. This set of disk images is based on the new nta1000-updates-5.5-3.el7.x86_64.rpm, which is also available. This set of disk images and the RPM are for pre-v6 NTA1000 systems only. For more information, please see the Golden Image Release Notes.

New Test Modules and Test Cases

CDRouter TR-069

  • TR-069 Amendment 6 Wildcard Parameter Names

    TEST: tr69_wildcard_1         
    MODULE: tr69.tcl
    DESCRIPTION: Validate GetParameterValues RPC works with wildcards
    TEST: tr69_wildcard_2         
    MODULE: tr69.tcl
    DESCRIPTION: Validate GetParameterNames RPC works with wildcards
    TEST: tr69_wildcard_3         
    MODULE: tr69.tcl
    DESCRIPTION: Validate GetParameterAttributes RPC works with wildcards
  • TR-069 Amendment 6 Heartbeat Inform Events

    TEST: tr69_heartbeat_1        
    MODULE: tr69.tcl
    DESCRIPTION: Verify non-heartbeat sessions take precedence
    TEST: tr69_heartbeat_2        
    MODULE: tr69.tcl
    DESCRIPTION: Verify other events are not included in heartbeat messages
    TEST: tr69_heartbeat_3        
    MODULE: tr69.tcl
    DESCRIPTION: Verify heartbeats are discarded if there is an existing heartbeat session
    TEST: tr69_heartbeat_4        
    MODULE: tr69.tcl
    DESCRIPTION: Verify non-heartbeat Informs take precedence over Heartbeats
    TEST: tr69_heartbeat_5        
    MODULE: tr69.tcl
    DESCRIPTION: Ensure heartbeats are dropped if heartbeat session is being retried
  • TR-069 Amendment 6 Alternate Firmware Images

    TEST: tr69_inactive_firmware_1        
    MODULE: tr69.tcl
    DESCRIPTION: Verify Multiple Firmware Images mechanism functions properly

Bug Fixes and Notes


  • In CDRouter 11.2, the Automatic Upgrade feature in CDRouter’s web interface was updated to support the newly redesigned CDRouter Customer Lounge website, which no longer supports password authentication. Please see the CDRouter 11.2 Release Notes for details. [LH #3998]

  • The generic cdrouter_check_connectivity proc which is used by CDRouter to verify that IPv4 and/or IPv6 connectivity is working as expected in various test cases has been updated. This proc will now always check both IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity if called with a value of auto. [LH #4113]

  • Resolved an issue with pptp-pt test module in which the PPTP pass-through connections were not properly cleaned up, causing subsequent tests from the pppoe-pt module to generate a fatal error. [LH #4110]

  • Resolved an issue with the dns_tls_150 and dns_tls_400 test cases which were not using TLS as a transport. [LH #4124]

CDRouter IPv6

  • Updated the dhcpv6_pd_15 test case to send a Router Solicitation instead of just waiting for the DUT to send its next periodic unsolicited RA. [LH #4118]

  • The icmpv6_34 test case will now be skipped in DHCPv6 relay or routed IPv6 setups. Previously this test case would run but fail in these setups because the intermediate router or relay would drop the ping packet that was sent by CDRouter with a TTL of 0. [LH #4112]

  • Resolved an issue with the ipv6_dns_tls_150 and ipv6_dns_tls_400 test cases which were not using TLS as a transport. [LH #4124]

  • The v6_cpe_2_5 test case is not compatible with DHCPv6 on the LAN and will now be skipped unless autoconf is used. [LH #4084]

  • The common test cleanup produced used within the cpe-v6 module has been updated to send a valid RA based on the settings in the configuration file once all other cleanup steps have been performed. [LH #4084]

CDRouter TR-069

  • The tr69_wireless_50 test case has been updated to verify that each WiFi channel reported by the DUT is supported by the CDRouter system’s wireless interface before attempting to test it. [LH #4104]

CDRouter Performance

  • Upgraded the underlying core engine for the Performance Expansion to use iPerf v3.6. This upgrade included several minor bug fixes and enhancements to iPerf. It also allows a CDRouter log enhancement to display both the sender and receiver summary statistics for the UDP throughput test cases. [LH #3106]

  • Modified the multicast upload performance test cases perf_mcast_2 and ipv6_perf_mcast_2 to restrict the number of streams to 1, regardless of the value set for perfStreams or perfStreamIncr , to achieve more realistic results.

April 25, 2019

Bug Fixes and Notes


  • Resolved an issue where the testvar wanDutClientID was not always evaluated as case-insensitive. Both upper and lower case hex characters will now be equivalent. [LH #4130]

  • In previous releases, the CDRouter web CLI would generate the following error message if the -https flag was not specified when running commands on systems with HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) enabled via the force_https option in the web server configuration file:

    [root@astro ]# cdrouter -package "foo" -token ea39bf22
    2019/03/15 09:55:22 json: cannot unmarshal array into Go struct field .data of type job.Job

    The CDRouter web CLI has been updated to automatically detect if the force_https option is enabled and behave as if the -https has been applied which will prevent this error from occurring. [LH #4125]

  • CDRouter now has a basic unicast reverse path forwarding filter (uRPF) for both IPv4 and IPv6. With this modification CDRouter will drop incoming packets if the source address of the packet matches a unicast source address of the receiving stack. [LH #4096]

  • In configurations with more than 10 LAN test clients, CDRouter now rotates through the list of clients numerically rather than alphabetically. [LH #4069]

  • All of the DHCP/DHCPv6/autoconf scaling tests have been re-factored. These tests now utilize any existing LAN stacks or additional LAN clients that may have been created using the lanClients testvar.

    These changes impact the following tests:

    Test Module Expansion Test Case(s)
    scaling Base all
    scaling-v6 IPv6 all
    sip-alg Base cdrouter_sip_200
    sip-alg-tcp Base cdrouter_sip_tcp_200
    ftp Storage ftp_52
    ftps Storage ftps_52
    ftp-v6 Storage ipv6_ftp_52
    ftps-v6 Storage ipv6_ftps_52
    smb Storage smb_52
    smb-v6 Storage ipv6_smb_52

    In addition, the cdrouter_scale_3 and ipv6_scale_3 tests have been updated for compatibility with configurations that have a small free network range. These tests will now create as many unique WAN servers as possible and increment port numbers on the servers if needed to create additional endpoints. [LH #4020]

  • Resolved an issue with the HTTP server that is initialized in the cdrouter_renum_pppoe_6 test case. This issue prevented devices from establishing a TCP connection to the server, which ultimately led to a false negative test failure. Note that this issue was introduced in CDRouter 11.2.1, and only impacts the 11.2.X releases. [LH #4152]

CDRouter IPv6

  • Resolved an issue with the config validation logic for the testvar ipv6LanIp . In previous releases this testvar would generate a config check error if a full 64-bit prefix was specified in addition to the keyword %eui64% for the 64-bit host ID. This issue has been resolved, making it possible to specify values such as 3001:1111:1111:1111::%eui64% or 3001:1111:1111:1111:%eui64% for this testvar. [LH #4018]

  • The perf-mcast-v6 test module is not compatible with 6to4 and 6rd IPv6 WAN modes and will now be automatically skipped in these configurations. [LH #4146]

CDRouter BBF.069

  • This release includes bug fixes that are not yet available in the official test scripts used for Broadband Forum BBF.069 Certification testing. The UNH-IOL is expected to make these changes available after completing its next development and validation cycle. Please contact the UNH-IOL for more information.

  • Updated tests in the XMPP.tcl module to adjust for recent changes in CDRouter’s TLS protocol implementation. This will resolve errors that occurred while processing TLS messages. [LH #4139]

  • Updated the 5_097_DUT_properly_encodes_and_decodes_XML_entities test case to resolve a problem that occurs with XMPP Connection Requests. [LH #4135]

CDRouter USP

  • CDRouter’s USP controller was updated to use any existing websocket connection that may exist with the DUT (agent) instead of automatically initiating a new connection. [LH #4136]