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CDRouter 11.7

Release Type Release Number Release Date
Original CDRouter 11.7 Build 1 November 14, 2019
Maintenance Release 1 CDRouter 11.7 Build 2 December 12, 2019

Note: CDRouter 11.7 includes many new features and configuration testvars. Old config files can be automatically upgraded to include all new CDRouter 11.7 testvars using the config upgrade utility.

Attention: Operating System Deprecation Notice

Support for the Ubuntu operating system and CentOS 6 has been deprecated. CDRouter systems running on Ubuntu or CentOS 6 will now see warning messages during installation and in the ‘start’ log of a test run.

Support for both of these operating systems will be officially removed with the next major version of CDRouter (12.0). Please contact for additional information and assistance in migrating to a supported operating system.

All CDRouter systems will require the CentOS 7 operating system in order to install CDRouter 12.0 and beyond.

November 14, 2019

New Features and Enhancements


  • Automatic decryption of SSL payloads

    CDRouter now has the ability to automatically decrypt SSL payloads for all managed stacks on any configured test interface. This makes it possible to inspect encrypted traffic directly within the log file viewer and packet capture viewer without having to export the capture file, install decryption keys, and set up decryption rules in external tools such as Wireshark.

    In addition, CDRouter’s CloudShark integration will automatically include and apply the necessary decryption keys when capture files are pushed to a remote CloudShark instance.

    Note that this feature supports decryption of SSL for protocols on known ports only. [ch493]

  • New testvar for specifying expected RSN pairwise ciphers

    The new testvar wifiBeaconRsnCipher can be used to specify the list of RSN pairwise ciphers advertised by the DUT in its wifi beacons. This testvar can be used in conjunction with the existing wifiBeaconWpaCipher testvar for DUT’s operating in mixed modes that support both WPA and RSN.

    Note that the group cipher is always expected to be the same for both WPA and RSN modes. As a result there is no need for a separate RSN specific testvar for the expected group cipher. [ch1143]

CDRouter USP

CDRouter Performance

  • Display of additional 802.11 header information for each client on every interval

    During performance throughput tests CDRouter will now provide additional 802.11 information per reporting interval for each wireless client in use.

    For 802.11n clients, CDRouter provides information about the HT characteristics:

    chan-width=40 rx-bitrate=364.5  tx-bitrate=450.0
    signal=-39    rx-short-gi=0     tx-short-gi=1
    noise=-95     rx-mcs=22         tx-mcs=23

    For 802.11ac clients, CDRouter provides information about the VHT characteristics:

    chan-width=80 rx-bitrate=1300.0 tx-bitrate=975.0
    signal=-44    rx-short-gi=1     tx-short-gi=1
    noise=-101    rx-vht-mcs=7      tx-vht-mcs=7
                  rx-vht-nss=4      tx-vht-nss=3

Testvar updates

Testvars added to this release:

  • wifiBeaconRsnCipher - New testvar for specifying the RSN pairwise ciphers that the DUT is expected to advertise. [ch1143]

Testvars modified or removed in this release:

  • None

New Test Modules and Test Cases

CDRouter USP

  • Broadband Forum TR-469 USP Conformance Test Module

    MODULE: usp_conformance
    DESCRIPTION: Broadband Forum TR-469 USP conformance tests
    TEST CASES: 98



  • Resolved an issue associated with properly setting the wireless regulatory domain using the testvar wirelessCountryCode on NTA1000 systems that utilize the ath10k wireless driver. [ch1011]

  • The testvar wirelessCountryCode now defaults to the value auto. When set to auto CDRouter will automatically determine and set the wireless regulatory domain used during a test run based on the locale settings of the operating system. Note that the wireless regulatory domain cannot be modified by CDRouter on non-CentOS systems. [ch1011]

  • The testvar httpServerIp can now be set to either an IPv4 or an IPv6 address. [ch566]

  • CDRouter’s integrated packet viewer has been upgraded to TraceFrame version 1.2.1, which includes fixes for a few minor packet decode display issues. [ch770]

  • Resolved a fatal error that would occur if a test package using a wireless interface is queued while another test package using the same interface in wireless on the WAN mode is actively running. [ch1760]

CDRouter IPv6

  • Resolved an issue with the dns_rfc5625_14, dns_rfc5625_15, and dns_rfc5625_17 test cases. These tests now listen for DNS queries from the DUT on all four DNS servers, if configured. Previously these tests would only listen on the first two DNS servers. [ch1634]

  • CDRouter now displays the target address of received Neighbor Solicitation and Neighbor Advertisement messages directly in the log. [ch1660]

  • The dhcpv6-pd test module can now be run in IPv6 WAN unnumbered mode. [ch1748]

CDRouter TR-069

  • Updated the descriptions of the tr69_140 through tr69_170 test cases to clarify that the tr69_140 and tr69_150 test cases verify the Upload RPC as defined in Amendment 2 or earlier of the TR-069 specification whereas tr69_160 and tr69_170 verify the new Upload RPC as defined in Amendment 3 and later versions of the specification. [ch1417]

  • Resolved a potential fatal error with XMPP based connection requests. [ch1080]

  • The tr69_101, tr69_hearbeat_2, tr69_heartbeat_4, and ir181_test_5.1.1 tests now utilize the value of the tr69MinPeriodicInform testvar value when configuring the periodic inform interval on the DUT. Previously these tests relied on fixed values that may not be supported on all devices. [ch1282]

  • Resolved an issue where successful XMPP connection requests were being reported as failures and causing tests to fail. [ch1596]

CDRouter BBF.069

  • Updated the 5_035_redirect_in_session test case to abort rather than continue if a CWMP session fails to start. This patch has been reported upstream to the UNH-IOL as well. [ch537]

  • Resolved a fatal error in the 5_120_xmpp_incorrect_jabber_id. This patch has been reported upstream to the UNH-IOL as well. [ch1812]

  • Resolved a potential fatal error in the ACS_XMPP_send_connection_request test case. This patch has been reported upstream to the UNH-IOL as well. [ch1420]

CDRouter USP

  • CDRouter’s CoAP DTLS implementation will now send a TLS alert message when closing a session. This notifies the remote peer that the session has been closed. [ch880]

  • The usp_30 test case procedure and cleanup process have been modified to determine which firmware slot is active at the start of the test and revert the original firmware to the same slot at the end of the test. [ch1021]

CDRouter ICS

  • CDRouter ICS will now return the TTL of the upstream resolver rather than a fixed TTL of 0 when resolving DNS queries using the system resolver. [ch490]

December 12, 2019

New Features and Enhancements


  • New SIP ALG test cases

    Three new SIP ALG test cases have been added to verify that the DUT properly handles outbound SIP calls with multiple DHCP LAN clients that do not register a port. The new tests are cdrouter_sip_201, cdrouter_sip_tcp_201, and ipv6_sip_201, and verify this behavior over UDP/IPv4, TCP/IPv4, and UDP/IPv6, respectively.

    As part of this work, CDRouter’s SIP client behavior has also been modified. CDRouter’s SIP client will now omit the port number from its SIP headers if the default port value is in use (5060/5061). Previously, the port number was always included even the default port was used.

New Test Modules and Test Cases


  • New SIP ALG test cases

    TEST: cdrouter_sip_201
    MODULE: sip-alg
    DESCRIPTION: Verify outbound SIP calls with multiple DHCP LAN clients without registering a port
    TEST: cdrouter_sip_tcp_201
    MODULE: sip-alg-tcp
    DESCRIPTION: Verify outbound SIP calls with multiple DHCP LAN clients (TCP) without registering a port

CDRouter IPv6

  • New SIP ALG test case

    TEST: ipv6_sip_201
    MODULE: sip-v6
    DESCRIPTION: Verify outbound SIPv6 calls with multiple DHCP LAN clients without registering a port



  • Added the DUT’s LAN IP to the list of excluded MAC addresses in the cdrouter_dos_30 and cdrouter_dos_32 test cases. This resolves a potential ARP conflict in certain test scenarios. [ch2348]

CDRouter IPv6

  • Updated the option type used in the ipv6_basic_10 test case from Type 07 (0x07) to Type 17 (0x11). This change is consistent with the option type used in Revision 5.0.0 of the IPv6 Ready Core Protocols Test Specification. [ch1923]


  • The iperf process scheduling algorithm used by CDRouter has been modified and improved for compatibility with newer operating systems and kernels. This change impacts only CentOS 7 and 8 systems. [ch1662]


  • Updated the test descriptions for the docsis_firewall_100, docsis_firewall_101, docsis_firewall_110, ipv6_docsis_firewall_100, ipv6_docsis_firewall_101, and ipv6_docsis_firewall_110 to reference the correct testvars for specifying the expected open and closed TCP and UDP ports for the DOSCIS interface firewall. [ch2087]

Pktsrc API Notifications

  • Changes to IPv4_set and IPv4_reconfigure ARP functionality

    Previously, IPv4_reconfigure would send a gratuitous ARP when changing a stack’s IPv4 address while IPv4_set s ip would not. CDRouter’s behavior has been unified such that by default, both methods now send a gratuitous ARP, while also adding options to disable this new behavior if it is not desired.

    IPv4_set now supports an optional noarp argument if setting the ip field, i.e. IPv4_set s ip <ip> noarp. This change is meant to be symmetric with the nodad argument supported by the IPv6_set call which works similarly.

    IPv4_reconfigure now passes noarp to its call to IPv4_set instead of calling ARP_announce directly. [ch885]