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CDRouter 12.1

April 23, 2020


Important Installation Notes

If you are upgrading from CDRouter 11.x or earlier versions, you must meet the prerequisites listed in the CDRouter 12.0 Release Notes prior to upgrading to CDRouter 12.1. Please review that document and contact if you need any assistance.

Config Upgrades

CDRouter 12.1 includes many new features and configuration testvars. Old config files can be automatically upgraded to include all new CDRouter 12.1 testvars using the config upgrade utility.

New Features and Enhancements


  • Support for 802.11ax

    CDRouter now supports 802.11ax WiFi in client mode on the LAN and AP mode on the WAN using the new NTA1000v7 platform which is also now available. If you are interested in learning more, or interested in upgrading your system to an NTA1000v7, please reach out to


  • New NTA1000v7 platform

    Version 7 of the NTA1000 platform is now available! The NTA1000v7 includes a new 2x2 dual-band 802.11ax capable wireless interface and is available in two hardware configurations:

    Hardware Configuration wifi0-acn WiFi Interface wifi1-ax WiFi Interface wifi2-ac2 WiFi Interface 10GBASE-T Interface
    NTA1000v7-S Yes Yes Yes No
    NTA1000v7-10G Yes Yes No Yes

    The NTA1000v7-S includes three WiFi interfaces and supports up to 65 WiFi clients (64 802.11ac capable clients + 1 802.11ax capable client). The NTA1000v7-10G includes two WiFi Interfaces and one dual-port 10GBASE-T Ethernet adapter and supports 33 WiFi clients (32 802.11ac capable clients + 1 802.11ax capable client).

    For more information, please see the NTA1000v7-S Quick Start Guide or contact

Testvar Updates

Testvars added to this release:

  • None.

Testvars modified or removed in this release:

  • The testvar dhcpv6WanEnablePD now has a dynamic default value, and will be set to yes if ipv6WanMode is autoconf, DHCP, unnumbered, or PPPoE (if ipv6PPPoEAddressMode is autoconf or DHCP). This dynamic default is only applied if forwardingMode is route. [ch2184]

  • The testvar wifiBeaconPhy has been updated to include a new supported value of ax. This makes it possible to verify the beacons of 802.11ax enabled devices with the wifi_20 test case. [ch3851]

  • The testvar lan80211Phy has been updated to include a new supported value of ax. [ch3851]



  • Updated many of the tests in the mcast and mcast-v6 modules to to protect against receiving unexpected multicast packets. This resolves an issue associated with test logic triggering on non-test multicast traffic. [ch4293]

  • Updated certificates for supporting WPA3 and Suite B profile for Transport Layer Security. [ch4427]

CDRouter Multiport

  • Resolved a race condition that could lead to a fatal error in the following test cases: guest_12, guest_13, guest_16, guest_17, ipv6_guest_12, ipv6_guest_13, ipv6_guest_16, and ipv6_guest_17. [ch4216]

CDRouter TR-069

  • Resolved a fatal error in test cases ir181_test_5.2.2, ir181_test_5.2.3, ir181_test_5.2.4, and ir181_test_5.2.5 when the Performance expansion is not enabled within the system’s license file. These tests will now run on systems that do not have the Performance expansion. [ch4016]

  • Updated the tr69_wireless_50 test case to test only channels that are supported by both the DUT and the wireless interface being used within CDRouter. [ch4326]

  • The Sectigo AddTrust External CA Root required to validate CDRouter’s ACS and ACS download server certificates will expire in May of 2020. This root CA has been replaced with the new Sectigo USERTrust RSA CA that expires in 2038. The Sectigo root is located in the in the /usr/cdrouter/tests/ directory.

    Note that the old Sectigo root CA used SHA1 with RSA encryption. The new root uses SHA384 with RSA encryption. Some DUT’s may need to have the new root CA installed in order to properly validate CDRouter’s ACS and ACS download server certificates.

    For more information on Sectigo Chain Hierarchy and Intermediate Roots, please see this page. [ch4263]

CDRouter IPv6

  • CDRouter will automatically enable DHCPv6 prefix delegation on the WAN for IPv6 WAN modes of autoconf, DHCP, unnumbered, or PPPoE (if the PPPoE address mode is either autoconf or DHCP). Note that this change does not apply to bridge mode configurations. [ch2184]

  • Updated the mape_21, mapt_21, and dslite_42 test cases to ensure that the ECN bits within the TOS / Traffic Class field are always set to a value of 0x00 to avoid translation issues with ECN capable implementations. [ch4461]

CDRouter USP

  • Resolved a fatal error condition in the usp_basic_4 test case. [ch4382]

  • Updated the usp_conformance_1_60 to remove an unneeded check for the subscription_id in an OnBoardRequest. [ch4433]

  • Numerous updates to the usp_conformance test module in preparation for the Broadband Forum’s USP certification program. [ch3917]

CDRouter Security

  • CDRouter’s internet connection sharing (ICS) feature has been updated to support routed test setups where one or more router hops are present on the WAN. In addition, the ICS feature is now enabled on all configured WAN interfaces. Previously, ICS was enabled only on the primary WAN interface. [ch4158]

CDRouter BBF.069

  • The BBF.069 tests require IPv4 and will now be skipped if IPv4 is not enabled. [ch4215]