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CDRouter 12.10

January 14, 2021

New Features

  • CDRouter: Four new RDK specific test lists have been added to CDRouter! These test lists make it possible to quickly and easily replicate the quarterly RDK-B release validation testing performed by the RDK group using CDRouter. For more information on RDK-B testing with CDRouter, please contact [ch7835]

  • TR-069: Two new tests, 5.1.11 and 5.1.12, have been added to the Broadband Forum TP-181 module. These tests verify vendor specific parameter functionality, and are the only tests that were omitted from the original implementation of this test plan within CDRouter. [ch8361]

    These tests operate on the list of vendor defined parameters specified by the new testvar cwmpVendorSpecificParams . Here is a simple example:

    testvar cwmpVendorSpecificParams         {
        { Device.X_VENDOR_SyslogCfg.ServerIPAddress string { } }
  • TR-069 & USP: CDRouter now supports the Broadband Forum’s recently published Device:2.14 data model! This update adds 12 CWMP tests and 8 USP tests for the new AccessControl and IPLayerCapacity profiles. In addition the VoiceService:2 data model and associated profile tests have been updated. [ch7834]

Change Log

  • CDRouter: The DNS failover tests dns_45 and dns_46 (and all variants) have been re-factored for compatibility with current DNS proxy implementations. [ch7237]

    Most modern DNS proxies maintain a list of DNS servers and may use any or all of them at any point in time to resolve queries. What the DUT considers its primary DNS server may or may not be what is listed as the primary DNS server in CDRouter’s config file. Furthermore, the DUT’s primary DNS server may change over time as tests are run.

    These tests now attempt to detect the primary DNS server in use by the DUT before the failover behavior of each error code is verified. The new test procedure is:

    • For each error code that is tested, send three, valid DNS queries from a LAN client.
    • Determine which WAN DNS server(s) receive these queries.
    • If the same WAN DNS server receives all three queries, mark this server logically within CDRouter as the DUT’s primary DNS server.
    • If the queries are received by different WAN DNS servers, abort, since there is no way for CDRouter to predict the DUT’s behavior regarding DNS.
    • For a specific error code, set the auto-detected primary DNS server to return the error code and verify that the DUT does or does not send another query to one of the other backup WAN DNS servers.
    • Repeat the above steps for all DNS error codes.
  • CDRouter: Fixed a CDRouter startup error when running on systems that have been upgraded to CentOS 8.3. [ch8636]

  • CDRouter: Fixed a possible fatal error in the cdrouter_dyndns_1 test case. [ch8728]

  • Performance: The multi-client performance tests and logging have been re-factored to resolve a potential fatal error in certain configurations. [ch6912]

  • Security: The ET Open ruleset shipped with the CDRouter Security expansion has been updated to version 9623. [ch8245]

  • TR-069: Test procedures and test metrics have been added to all tests in the tp181 test module. [ch7295]


  • Important installation notes: If you are upgrading from CDRouter 11.x or earlier versions, all prerequisites listed in the CDRouter 12.0 Release Notes must be met prior to upgrading to CDRouter 12.10. Please contact for assistance if needed.

  • Config upgrades: CDRouter 12.10 includes many new features and configuration testvars. Config files may be easily upgraded to include all new CDRouter 12.10 testvars using the config upgrade utility.

  • Python 2 deprecation: Support for Python 2 within has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release of CDRouter. All scripts using should be updated to use Python 3, which is fully supported.