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CDRouter 12.18

August 26, 2021

Change Log

  • CDRouter: CDRouter’s wireless LAN clients now wait 10 milliseconds after sending a DHCP Release message before deauthenticating from the access point. [ch11546]

  • CDRouter: CDRouter’s internal DNS servers are now case insensitive with when processing received DNS queries. [ch12357]

  • CDRouter: CDRouter’s internal packet processing for TLS data has been updated. This change improves stability in a number of test cases including some in the Top 100 and IPv6 Top 100. [ch12721]

  • Security: The ET Open ruleset shipped with the CDRouter Security add-on has been updated to version 9808. [ch12527]

  • TR-069: Resolved a fatal error in the tp181_test_5.3.1 test case when run with a wireless interface. [ch11447]

  • TR-069: Resolved a fatal error in the od128_test_8.1 through od128_test_8.7 test cases that was introduced in CDRouter 12.16. [ch11994]

  • USP: The testvar uspInactiveFirmwareSlot supports a new value of auto. This value forces CDRouter to use the first inactive firmware slot that is found. For DUTs that do not have a fail-safe/backup firmware image always configured this should make the configuration process easier. CDRouter will do the work of figuring out what slot is viable. This also means that if an agent fails to revert to a previous version additional firmware tests will still run properly. [ch12503]

  • USP: Many minor updates have been made to tests in the usp_conformance module [ch12503]:

    • usp_conformance_2_9: This test now supports controller instances over 9.
    • usp_conformance_3_2, usp_conformance_3_4, usp_conformance_3_6, usp_conformance_3_8, usp_conformance_9_2: These tests no longer shutdown and restart the controller.
    • usp_conformance_3_4: Additional guards have been added to ensure that record integrity checks are in place.
    • usp_30, usp_conformance_9_2, usp_conformance_9_3, usp_conformance_9_4, usp_conformance_9_5, usp_conformance_9_6, usp_conformance_9_7, usp_conformance_9_8: These tests have been updated to use the uspInactiveFirmwareSlot parameter.
    • usp_conformance_4_1: The TransportProtocol for MQTT is now explicitly configured when adding a new client.
    • usp_conformance_6_3: A delay has been added at the end of test to prevent errors with STOMP connections at the beginning of the next test.
    • usp_conformance_6_3: A check has been added to ensure values are returned in the retry parameters.
    • usp_conformance_9_1: A typo that could lead to a fatal error has been fixed in this test.
    • usp_conformance_9_4, usp_conformance_9_5: These tests have been updated to clean up the original downloaded firmware image.
    • usp_conformance_9_7: This test no longer expects an error message from the DUT; it expects an OperateResponse with a cmd_failure.
    • usp_conformance_9_7: The parameter path returned by the DUT is now validated to prevent using a parameter with a missing dot.
    • usp_conformance_9_8: This test now explicitly checks for an error response to either of the operations.
    • usp_conformance_1_58: This test now waits for notifications from the DUT to prevent events from spanning multiple tests.


  • Important installation notes: If you are upgrading from CDRouter 11.x or earlier versions, all prerequisites listed in the CDRouter 12.0 Release Notes must be met prior to upgrading to CDRouter 12.18. Please contact for assistance if needed.

  • Config upgrades: CDRouter 12.18 includes many new features and configuration testvars. Config files may be easily upgraded to include all new CDRouter 12.18 testvars using the config upgrade utility.