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CDRouter 12.19

September 23, 2021

Change Log

  • CDRouter: The dmz test module is not compatible with wireless LAN interfaces and will now be automatically skipped if no Ethernet LAN interfaces are defined in the config file. [ch12116]

  • CDRouter: The cdrouter_dmz_110 test case now primes the ARP cache of the DUT before verifying that pings from the WAN are forwarded to the DMZ host on the LAN. [ch12116]

  • CDRouter: CDRouter’s web server no longer supports TLS 1.0/1.1 and now receives an A+ rating when tested with the SSL Server Test from Qualys SSL Labs. [ch12900]

  • Security: The ET Open ruleset shipped with the CDRouter Security expansion has been updated to version 9830. [ch12527]

  • TR-069: CDRouter’s connection request logic for CWMP has been refactored to resolve an issue with connection request retries when the testvars are acsDelayCpeAttempts and acsNumberCpeAttempts are configured. [ch11311]

  • TR-069: The tp181_test_5.2.4 and tp181_test_5.2.5 test cases now include a filename in the Upload RPC that is issued by the ACS. [ch11438]

  • TR-069: Various log messages in the tp181_test_5.2.4 and tp181_test_5.2.5 test cases has been updated and improved for clarity. [ch11438]

  • TR-069: The accuracy of the FTP and HTTP received bytes has been improved in the tp181_test_5.2.4 and tp181_test_5.2.5 test cases. [ch11438]

  • TR-069: The tr69_diagnostics_201 through tr69_diagnostics_220 tests require Device:2 root data model support and will now be automatically skipped if the DUT supports the InternetGatewayDevice:1 root data model. [ch12881]

  • TR-069: Resolved a fatal error in the tp181_test_5.2.7 and tp181_test_5.4.9 when the testvar wanMode is set to a value of static. [ch12906]

  • TR-069: All tests in the tr69_diagnostics module have been updated to properly handle DiagnosticsState values of Complete or Completed based on the data model version supported by the DUT. [ch12907]

  • USP: The usp_scenario_1 test case is now automatically skipped if the testvar uspScenarioPath is not enabled or if the file or scenario that it specifies is invalid. [ch12509]

  • USP: The secondary controller in the usp_conformance_2_9 test case no longer uses TLS. This change avoids any trust issues that may be due to TLS which would lead to a false negative result. [ch13243]

  • USP: A typo of the enum value Anytime has been changed to the correct value AnyTime in the usp_conformance_9_8 test case. [ch13243]

  • USP: Resolved a parsing issue when explicitly specifying the DUT’s data model using the testvar uspSupportedDataModel . [ch13243]


  • NTA1000 rail kits now available: We now have sliding rack rail kits for NTA1000v6 and NTA1000v7 systems! Please contact for more information.

  • Important installation notes: If you are upgrading from CDRouter 11.x or earlier versions, all prerequisites listed in the CDRouter 12.0 Release Notes must be met prior to upgrading to CDRouter 12.19. Please contact for assistance if needed.

  • Config upgrades: CDRouter 12.19 includes many new features and configuration testvars. Config files may be easily upgraded to include all new CDRouter 12.19 testvars using the config upgrade utility.