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CDRouter 12.23

January 14, 2022

New Features

  • USP: The CDRouter USP expansion now includes a full implementation of version 1.1 of the upcoming TP-469 test plan, Conformance Test Plan for User Services Platform Agents, which is scheduled for release by the Broadband Forum by the end of January 2022.

    This is a major update to the usp_conformance test module containing many new test cases and updates based on changes to the test plan. For a complete list of changes associated with TP-469 version 1.1, please see the additional notes below.

    All users actively seeking TP-469 certification should upgrade to CDRouter 12.23 as soon as possible. More information on USP self-testing certification with CDRouter may be found here. Please contact with any questions!

Change Log

  • Security: The ET Open ruleset shipped with the CDRouter Security expansion has been updated to version 9920. [sc15045]

  • New ACS TLS server certificates

    The ACS and ACS download server certificates shipped with previous releases of CDRouter have expired and have been replaced by a new set of test certificates signed by (formerly COMODO) that expire February 2023. [sc15142]

  • Remove obsoleted testvar wirelessCountryCode. [sc14909]


  • Rocky Linux 8 migration: All NTA1000v7 systems are now eligible for an operating system upgrade from CentOS 8 to Rocky Linux 8. Please see our Rebuild System Drive guide for more information.

  • NTA1000 rail kits now available: We now have sliding rack rail kits for NTA1000v6 and NTA1000v7 systems! Please contact for more information.

  • Config upgrades: CDRouter 12.23 includes many new features and configuration testvars. Config files may be easily upgraded to include all new CDRouter 12.23 testvars using the config upgrade utility.

New Test Cases

  • The following tests were added to TP-469 v1.1 and are now included in the usp_conformance module:

    • usp_conformance_1_78: Removal of subscriptions that have no associated controller
    • usp_conformance_1_79: Operate message using input args
    • usp_conformance_1_80: GetSupportedProtocol
    • usp_conformance_1_81: Automatic unique key generation
    • usp_conformance_1_82: Get message with unmatched search expression
    • usp_conformance_1_83: GetInstances message with unmatched search expression
    • usp_conformance_1_84: Notification - Subscription using search paths
    • usp_conformance_9_11: Use of the Timer! Event
    • All tests in Section 10: Bulk Data Collection tests

Modified Test Cases

  • The test metrics for usp_conformance_1_3 and usp_conformance_1_7 have been updated to include an invalid value for the Device.LocalAgent.Subscription.Enable parameter instead of having both an invalid parameter and a parameter with an invalid value. [sc14729]

  • Error codes 7011 and 7012 are now supported in usp_conformance_1_3 and usp_conformance_1_7. [sc14729]

  • Additional checks to verify that the core operation did not succeed have been added to the following tests: [sc11684]

    • usp_conformance_1_7
    • usp_conformance_1_8
    • usp_conformance_1_14
    • usp_conformance_1_15
    • usp_conformance_1_20
    • usp_conformance_1_24
    • usp_conformance_1_27
    • usp_conformance_1_28
    • usp_conformance_1_31
    • usp_conformance_1_32
    • usp_conformance_1_33
    • usp_conformance_1_34
    • usp_conformance_1_35
  • Error code 7012 is now supported in usp_conformance_1_8. [sc14727]

  • The usp_conformance_1_21 test has been updated to include an invalid value for the Device.LocalAgent.Subscription.Enable parameter instead of having both an invalid parameter and a parameter with an invalid value. Note that this update changes the OB-USP-AGENT test result. [sc14728]

  • Error codes 7011 and 7102 are now supported in usp_conformance_1_21. [sc14728]

  • In usp_conformance_1_40 a check has been added to verify that the resolved_path and requested_path fields are equal in the Get message. [sc14752]

  • A few typos in the title of usp_conformance_1_47 have been fixed. [sc14752]

  • The allow_partial field has been updated to false in the Set messages in usp_conformance_1_59 and usp_conformance_1_84. [sc14726]

  • The usp_conformance_1_55 test will now fail if the Agent does not delete the Subscription object after it expires. Note that this update changes the OB-USP-AGENT test result. [sc14808]

  • Added a check to usp_conformance_6_7 for a STOMP DISCONNECT frame. Note that this update changes the OB-USP-AGENT test result. [sc14813]

  • The usp_conformance_1_15 test now allows the NotifRetry parameter to be false or 0. [sc14259]

  • Corrected various parameters and values in the permissions tests in Section 2 of the test plan. [sc11024]

  • A check has been added to usp_conformance_3_6 to verify that the Agent does not accept TLS renegotiation. [sc13583]

  • The usp_conformance_4_1 test case has been simplified. This test now only verifies that the DUT is able to establish a connection with a new controller using MTP layer encryption. [sc13579]

  • Allows Agents with multiple slots to either send an error message or not in response to the Download operation in test usp_conformance_9_7. [sc13993]

  • The usp_conformance_1_47 test case has been update to set a proper boolean value of true rather than "true". [sc11690]

Removed Test Cases

  • The following tests were deprecated in TP-469 v1.1 and removed from the usp_conformance test module:

    • usp_conformance_1_63: Operate message using input args
    • usp_conformance_2_3: Agent does not process messages without controller’s certificate information
    • usp_conformance_2_4: Agent rejects messages from Endpoint IDs that are not in subject AltName
    • usp_conformance_2_5: Agent use of Self-Signed Certificates
    • usp_conformance_7_3: Agent Session Acceptance from Controller
    • usp_conformance_9_1: Use of the Boot! event and BootParameters

Fixes and Improvements

  • The usp_conformance_9_2 has been updated to exit early if the AddController() operation fails. [sc15157]

  • Resolved an issue when adding a new CoAP controller. [sc15100]

  • The usp_conformance_6_6, usp_conformance_6_7, and usp_conformance_6_10 tests now use Device.LocalAgent.MTP.{i}.STOMP.DestinationFromServer to find the correct connection. [sc14131]

  • The usp_conformance_2_19 and usp_conformance_2_20 test cases have been updated with an additional failure check. [sc14283]

  • Improved logging in USP Scenarios when the received error is not the expected error. This affects usp_conformance_1_4 and usp_conformance_1_6. [sc14279]

  • The usp_conformance_9_7 test case has been updated with an additional check to verify that the software versions are different before and after the firmware upgrade. [sc13585]