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CDRouter 12.24

February 10, 2022

New Features

  • USP: The CDRouter USP expansion now includes a full implementation of version 1.1 of TP-469, the Conformance Test Plan for User Services Platform Agents, which was released by the Broadband Forum at the end of January 2022. The UNH-IOL validated 12.24 to be used for certification. Thanks to Ben Patton and the entire UNH-IOL IP team.

    This is a major update to the usp_conformance test module containing many new test cases and updates based on changes to the test plan. For a complete list of changes associated with TP-469 version 1.1, please see the additional notes below.

    All users actively seeking TP-469 certification should upgrade to CDRouter 12.24 as soon as possible. More information on USP self-testing certification with CDRouter may be found here.

    Please contact with any questions!

  • TR-069: Added support for the CWMP Device:2.15 Data Model. [sc15153]

  • USP: Added support for the USP Device:2.15 Data Model. [sc15153]

Change Log

  • CDRouter: All test cases in mac-filter test module have been deprecated and will be removed in the next release of CDRouter. These test cases require LAN clients with static MAC addresses which is becoming less common in modern networks where most clients implement MAC randomization for privacy. The following tests will be removed in the next release.[sc15532]

    • cdrouter_mac_filter_1
    • cdrouter_mac_filter_2
    • cdrouter_mac_filter_3
    • cdrouter_mac_filter_4
    • cdrouter_mac_filter_5
    • cdrouter_mac_filter_6
  • CDRouter: The following testvars have also been deprecated due the deprecation of the mac-filter test module. [sc15532]

  • CDRouter: CDRouter will now set the tuned kernel parameter to throughput-performance during installation instead of setting it during start. [sc15020]

  • CDRouter: CDRouter now supports the current DynDNS update URL /v3/update in addition to the legacy URL /nic/update. [sc13769]

  • TR-069: CDRouter’s integrated STUN server now returns an error code of 431 when an invalid MESSAGE-INTEGRITY field is received, as specified by RFC 3489 which is required by TR-069 Annex G. [sc14218]

  • CDRouter: Resolved a test interface selection error that may result in a fatal error when running the cdrouter_ipsecpt_11, cdrouter_ipsecpt_120, cdrouter_sip_71, cdrouter_sip_72, or cdrouter_sip_73 test cases. [sc11258]

  • Security: The ET Open ruleset shipped with the CDRouter Security expansion has been updated to version 9943. [sc15261]

  • TR-069: The ACS and ACS download server certificates included with previous releases have expired. New ACS and ACS download server certificates and the associated intermediate and root CAs have are now available and have been included in this release. [sc15317]

  • TR-069: Resolved an issue with Device:2 implementations when the acsCreatePortMapOnIGD is enabled and used to create port mappings on the IGD. [sc14544]

  • TR-069: Resolved a fatal error in the tr69_27 test case after a failed connection request. [sc14889]

  • TR-069: Updated the logging in the tr143_http_3 and tr143_http_13 test cases to report TotalBytes(Sent|Received) instead of the test file size.[sc14806]

  • USP: The USP certificates shipped with previous releases of CDRouter will expire on February 18, 2022 and have been replaced by a new set of certificates that expire in February of 2023. [sc15142]

  • USP: A log message is now printed whenever the MQTT agent is unsubscribed. [sc13392]

  • USP: Removed Object references ending with ‘.’ per R-ARC.7 in TR-369. [sc15382]

  • USP: Updated the usp_30 test case to use the uspRebootTimeout testvar instead of the uspNotificationTimeout testvar. [sc15120]

  • USP: Added tests usp_annex_a_50 through usp_annex_a_67 for verifying BulkData functionality over MQTT. [sc15160]

  • USP: Added tests usp_annex_a_70 through usp_annex_a_76 for verifying ForceCollection() functionality. [sc15160]


  • CDRouter install error on CentOS 8: All NTA1000v7 systems are now eligible for an operating system upgrade from CentOS 8 to Rocky Linux 8. This upgrade is required because CentOS 8 has reached End-of-Life status. In addition, certain CentOS 8 repositories have recently moved leading to errors which prevent the installation of CDRouter. To resolve this issue, all NTA1000v7 users must migrate to Rocky Linux 8 as soon as possible.

    We have developed a comprehensive Rebuild System Drive guide that makes this process easy and fast with no loss of CDRouter data. Please contact with any questions or concerns and let us know when you have successfully completed the migration.

  • NTA1000 rail kits now available: We now have sliding rack rail kits for NTA1000v6 and NTA1000v7 systems! Please contact for more information.

  • Config upgrades: CDRouter 12.24 includes many new features and configuration testvars. Config files may be easily upgraded to include all new CDRouter 12.24 testvars using the config upgrade utility.

New Test Cases

  • The following tests were added to TP-469 v1.1 and are now included in the usp_conformance module:

    • usp_conformance_1_78: Removal of subscriptions that have no associated controller
    • usp_conformance_1_79: Operate message using input args
    • usp_conformance_1_80: GetSupportedProtocol
    • usp_conformance_1_81: Automatic unique key generation
    • usp_conformance_1_82: Get message with unmatched search expression
    • usp_conformance_1_83: GetInstances message with unmatched search expression
    • usp_conformance_1_84: Notification - Subscription using search paths
    • usp_conformance_9_11: Use of the Timer! Event
    • All tests in Section 10: Bulk Data Collection tests

Modified Test Cases

  • The test metrics for usp_conformance_1_3 and usp_conformance_1_7 have been updated to include an invalid value for the Device.LocalAgent.Subscription.Enable parameter instead of having both an invalid parameter and a parameter with an invalid value. [sc14729]

  • Error codes 7011 and 7012 are now supported in usp_conformance_1_3 and usp_conformance_1_7. [sc14729]

  • Additional checks to verify that the core operation did not succeed have been added to the following tests: [sc11684]

    • usp_conformance_1_7
    • usp_conformance_1_8
    • usp_conformance_1_14
    • usp_conformance_1_15
    • usp_conformance_1_20
    • usp_conformance_1_24
    • usp_conformance_1_27
    • usp_conformance_1_28
    • usp_conformance_1_31
    • usp_conformance_1_32
    • usp_conformance_1_33
    • usp_conformance_1_34
    • usp_conformance_1_35
  • Error code 7012 is now supported in usp_conformance_1_8. [sc14727]

  • The usp_conformance_1_21 test has been updated to include an invalid value for the Device.LocalAgent.Subscription.Enable parameter instead of having both an invalid parameter and a parameter with an invalid value. Note that this update changes the OB-USP-AGENT test result. [sc14728]

  • Error codes 7011 and 7102 are now supported in usp_conformance_1_21. [sc14728]

  • In usp_conformance_1_40 a check has been added to verify that the resolved_path and requested_path fields are equal in the Get message. [sc14752]

  • A few typos in the title of usp_conformance_1_47 have been fixed. [sc14752]

  • The allow_partial field has been updated to false in the Set messages in usp_conformance_1_59 and usp_conformance_1_84. [sc14726]

  • The usp_conformance_1_55 test will now fail if the Agent does not delete the Subscription object after it expires. Note that this update changes the OB-USP-AGENT test result. [sc14808]

  • Added a check to usp_conformance_6_7 for a STOMP DISCONNECT frame. Note that this update changes the OB-USP-AGENT test result. [sc14813]

  • The usp_conformance_1_15 test now allows the NotifRetry parameter to be false or 0. [sc14259]

  • Corrected various parameters and values in the permissions tests in Section 2 of the test plan. [sc11024]

  • A check has been added to usp_conformance_3_6 to verify that the Agent does not accept TLS renegotiation. [sc13583]

  • The usp_conformance_4_1 test case has been simplified. This test now only verifies that the DUT is able to establish a connection with a new controller using MTP layer encryption. [sc13579]

  • Allows Agents with multiple slots to either send an error message or not in response to the Download operation in test usp_conformance_9_7. [sc13993]

  • The usp_conformance_1_47 test case has been update to set a proper boolean value of true rather than "true". [sc11690]

Removed Test Cases

  • The following tests were deprecated in TP-469 v1.1 and removed from the usp_conformance test module:

    • usp_conformance_1_63: Operate message using input args
    • usp_conformance_2_3: Agent does not process messages without controller’s certificate information
    • usp_conformance_2_4: Agent rejects messages from Endpoint IDs that are not in subject AltName
    • usp_conformance_2_5: Agent use of Self-Signed Certificates
    • usp_conformance_7_3: Agent Session Acceptance from Controller
    • usp_conformance_9_1: Use of the Boot! event and BootParameters

Fixes and Improvements

  • The usp_conformance_9_2 has been updated to exit early if the AddController() operation fails. [sc15157]

  • Resolved an issue when adding a new CoAP controller. [sc15100]

  • The usp_conformance_6_6, usp_conformance_6_7, and usp_conformance_6_10 tests now use Device.LocalAgent.MTP.{i}.STOMP.DestinationFromServer to find the correct connection. [sc14131]

  • The usp_conformance_2_19 and usp_conformance_2_20 test cases have been updated with an additional failure check. [sc14283]

  • Improved logging in USP Scenarios when the received error is not the expected error. This affects usp_conformance_1_4 and usp_conformance_1_6. [sc14279]

  • The usp_conformance_9_7 test case has been updated with an additional check to verify that the software versions are different before and after the firmware upgrade. [sc13585]

  • Removes trailing “.” from reference parameters when adding a new controller. [sc15382]

  • Fixes callback inconsistency with usp_conformance_1_78 & fixes the Websocket.Path parameter when adding a new controller [sc15119]

  • Uses the correct destination when adding a new CoAP controller. [sc15100]

  • Exits usp_conformance_9_2 if AddController() fails. [sc15157]