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CDRouter 12.6

September 10, 2020


  • Important installation notes: If you are upgrading from CDRouter 11.x or earlier versions, all prerequisites listed in the CDRouter 12.0 Release Notes must be met prior to upgrading to CDRouter 12.6. Please contact for assistance if needed.

  • Config upgrades: CDRouter 12.6 includes many new features and configuration testvars. Config files may be easily upgraded to include all new CDRouter 12.6 testvars using the config upgrade utility.

  • Python 2 deprecation: Support for Python 2 within has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release of CDRouter. All scripts using should be updated to use Python 3, which is fully supported.

  • Ruby gem deprecation: The CDRouter Ruby gem wrapper for CDRouter’s web API has been deprecated and is no longer supported. All scripts using this gem should be updated to use Python 3 and the package instead.

New Features

  • DOCSIS: The DOCSIS DHCP and DHCPv6 servers now support the configuration of custom options using the following new testvars: [ch6147]

  • Multiport: Seven new guest network tests have been added. These tests are designed to verify that two clients connected to the same guest network are fully isolated and cannot communicate with each other. [ch5254]

    New Test Cases Module Description
    guest_40 guest Verify ARP traffic is not leaked on the guest network
    guest_42 guest Verify unicast traffic is not leaked on the guest network
    guest_44 guest Verify broadcast traffic is not leaked on the guest network
    guest_46 guest Verify multicast traffic is not leaked on the guest network
    ipv6_guest_40 guest-v6 Verify IPv6 neighbor discovery traffic is not leaked on the guest network
    ipv6_guest_42 guest-v6 Verify IPv6 unicast traffic is not leaked on the guest network
    ipvs_guest_46 guest-v6 Verify IPv6 multicast traffic is not leaked on the guest network

Change Log

  • Apple HomeKit: Logging in all port scans has been quieted to reduce the size of logs files. A summary is printed at the end of every port scan indicating which ports were open, closed, or stealth. [ch6345]

  • BBF.069: Resolved a potential fatal error in the 5_110_BPC test case. [ch6478]

  • CDRouter: Added additional checks to a prevent a fatal error when running the scaling tests in certain configurations. [ch5831]

  • Security: The ET Open ruleset shipped with the CDRouter Security expansion has been updated to version 9545. [ch6362]

  • TR-069: The tr69_wireless_50 test case now verifies all 20 MHz WiFi channels supported by the DUT. [ch4178]

  • USP: The USP notification timeout is now configurable and is set to the same value as the USP message timeout using the testvar uspMessageTimeout . [ch6223]

  • Web API: A new script has been added to the /examples subdirectory of the project. This script replicates the functionality that had been provided by the now deprecated CDRouter Ruby gem. Please see the updated “Using CDRouter with Jenkins” article in our Knowledge Base for an explanation of this new python script. [ch6428]