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CDRouter 13.10

January 10, 2023

New Features

  • IPv6: Updated the cpe_v6 module to support executing the appropriate tests when ipv6WanMode testvar is set to unnumbered. [sc21030]

  • mDNS: Added 8 new tests for mDNS as defined in RFC 6762:

    • mdns_20
    • mdns_21
    • mdns_22
    • mdns_23
    • ipv6_mdns_20
    • ipv6_mdns_21
    • ipv6_mdns_22
    • ipv6_mdns_23
  • TR-069/USP: The new testvars acsFileServerDownloadFilter and uspFirmwareDownloadFilter allows users to filter firmware download traffic from test logs making them easier to read and debug. [sc20860]

Change Log

  • CDRouter: Eliminated the ability to overlap IP addresses from staticIpv6RouteWanNetwork , staticIpv6RouteLanNetwork , staticRouteLanNetwork , staticRouteWanNetwork with other IP addresses in use. This addressed an error in static_v6_10 and static_10 if the addresses overlapped. [sc19870]

  • CDRouter: Addressed a constraints error for the wanIspAssignIp testvar. [sc21981]

  • CDRouter: Updated the pppoePassword testvar to allow a special value of empty-password which indicates that the DUT’s PPPoE password is the empty string. [sc21799]

  • IPv6: Fixed an issue in routed setups where CDRouter responds to DHCPv6 Relay-Forward messages with DHCPv6 Reply message instead of DHCPv6 Relay-Reply messages. [sc22382]

  • IPv6: Modified a config constraint when dhcpv6WanEnablePDExclude is enabled. This constraint now verifies that ipv6WanIspAssignIp is contained within dhcpv6WanAssignPrefix instead of ipv6WanIspIp . This allows users to enable dhcpv6WanEnablePDExclude in routed test setups. [sc22087]

  • IPv6: Updated the jumbo-v6 and jumbo-v6-mp modules to be skipped if the ipv6LanMode is set to none. [sc21822]

  • IPv6: Updated cpe_v6_21 to initiate the ping from the LAN to WAN to avoid firewall issues. [sc21704]

  • Security: The ET Open ruleset shipped with the CDRouter Security expansion has been updated to version 10186. [sc21943]

  • SIP: The TCP MSS Option is now added for SIP over TCP packets to avoid fragmentation. [sc21574]

  • SNMP: Addressed an issue with not processing ARP messages when the
    wanMode testvar is set to dslite and the docsisIpProvisioningMode testvar is set to ipv4-only. [sc20832]

  • TR-069: Allow using a literal IP address for the TR-069 ACS server as a valid ID for the XMPP server. [sc21565]

  • USP: Updated secondary USP controllers to use uspMessageTimeout testvar for timeouts. [sc22045]

  • USP: Fixed an issue with the uspScenarioSingleMode testvar to properly iterate through the scenarios. [sc21999]

  • USP: Updated usp_conformance_8_2 to add a Boot! subscription and wait for a notification after the reboot. [sc21191]

  • USP: Updated usp_conformance_8_3 to wait for the entire timeout length instead of terminating after the first DHCP message. [sc21191]

  • USP: Fixed usp_conformance_8_7 to handle multiple return values from mDNS. [sc21191]


  • New 8.6 Golden Image: Version 8.6 of the NTA1000 operating system image, aka the golden image, is now available. This version fixes an auto-negotiation issue on the 10G interfaces, allows for setting the wireless phy mode to a/b/g/n/ac on 802.11AX cards, and adds support for the NTAv7M series. For more information, please see the Golden Image Release Notes or contact