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CDRouter 13.11

February 02, 2023

New Features

  • 10 Gigabit Performance: Increased maximum performance rate to 10 Gbps(10000 Mbps).
    Previously, 2500 Mbps (using a single client) or 5000 Mbps (using multiple LAN clients). Note that multiple clients or jumbo frames will be needed to reach line rate with UDP. Please see the Performance User Guide for more information. [sc5942]

  • 10 Gigabit Fixed Rate Tests: Two new test modules were added to this release for supporting 10 Gigabit testing.

    Test Module Address Family Number of Tests Description
    fixed-rate-perf-10 IPv4 384 IPv4 fixed rate performance tests, 2.5 to 10 Gbps
    fixed-rate-perf-10-v6 IPv6 384 IPv6 fixed rate performance tests, 2.5 to 10 Gbps

    These test modules focus on fixed rate performance testing. Fixed rate performance tests set the transmit bandwidth (or rate) and the threshold to hard-coded values that are defined by the test case. This is in contrast to CDRouter’s existing configured rate performance tests, which instead rely on the transmit bandwidth/rate and thresholds that are defined by the user in the config file.

    Fixed rate performance tests require no additional configuration, are easy to interpret, are interface agnostic, and allow multiple rates to be verified in a single test run. Please see the Performance User Guide for more information.[sc21737]

  • TR-181 Data Model Generation: When cwmpProfilePath or uspProfilePath is set to “auto”, CDRouter will generate an XML data model file, cwmp-extracted-data-model.xml or usp-extracted-data-model.xml, and save it to the log directory of the test run. This file can then be used in future test runs as a custom profile. Please read the TR-069 User Guide or USP User Guide for more information. [sc22464]

  • USP 1.1: Added legacy USP 1.1 conformance tests under the module
    usp_functional_1_1. These tests implement version 1.1 of TP-469, however the USP controller will use USP version 1.2.

Change Log

  • CDRouter: Fixed an issue with the sslDeprecatedCiphers testvar displaying the incorrect values for the Accepted Values in the CDRouter UI config editor. [sc22761]

  • DHCPv6: Addressed a fatal error with a timeout constraint in dhcpv6_53. [sc22177]

  • DOCSIS: Updated the firewall-docsis and nmap-docsis modules to use the docsisStack for sending traffic from CDRouter WAN to the Cable Modem interface when the wanMode testvar is set to dslite.[sc22701]

  • IPsec/IKEv1: Updated IPsec and IKEv1 modules to support IPv6 only configurations when wanMode testvar is set to none. Previously an error would occur when trying to execute that testing. [sc22263]

  • IPv6: Fixed an error in ipv6_forward_3 by waiting for LAN clients to complete Duplicate Address Detection (DAD) before using a LAN client. [sc16188]

  • MAP-T: Addressed a fatal error in cdrouter_dos_2 when the wanMode is set to map-t. [sc22317]

  • New TLS server certificates: The ACS, ACS download and USP server certificates shipped with previous releases of CDRouter have expired and have been replaced by a new set of test certificates signed by that expire February 2024. [sc21562]

  • Performance: Updated the multiple client test to report the units as MBytes/sec. [sc18020]

  • Performance: Updated the fixed rate test module to enforce using 1 stream for all TCP rates, and 4 streams for all UDP rates. Note that this update overrides the perfStreams testvar value from the configuration. The fixed rate tests now disable jumboMtu and use the maximum value of the perfUdpLen testvar available based on the default Ethernet MTU, also overriding the configuration. [sc22738]

  • Performance: If jumboMtu is set, CDRouter will use the maximum UDP length available without fragmentation, or perfUdpLen if it is set and less than the MTU. jumboMtu MUST NOT be set if Jumbo Frames are not enabled on each link in the DUT test topology with the same MTU.

  • Security: The ET Open ruleset shipped with the CDRouter Security expansion has been updated to version 10230. [sc22658]

  • SNMP: Updated the SNMP Manager to use the IP address defined by docsisDhcpServer and the IPv6 address defined by docsisDhcpIpv6Server when testing the Cable Modem interface. [sc22701]

  • TR-069: Fixed an issue when the cwmpProfilePath testvar was set to auto that caused an error when the parameters reported by the DUT during a GetParameterValue RPC were inconsistent. [sc20644]

  • Wireless: Addressed an issue with wireless interfaces being removed from CDRouter if the DUT disassociated wireless clients unexpectedly during testing. Resolved by confirming the state of the association prior to continuing testing. [sc22198]