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CDRouter 13.12

March 2, 2023

New Features

  • Docsis: Allow configuration of the authentication key (shared secret) using the new docsisConfigSharedSecret testvar when encoding the DOCSIS configuration file embedded in the CDRouter config file for Cable Modem (CM) provisioning. [sc20070]

  • Scaling: Added a new scaleTcpConns testvar that defines the total number of TCP connections across all LAN clients created in cdrouter_scale_2 and ipv6_scale_2. It is recommended users migrate to scaleTcpConns testvar as soon as possible by setting the scaleTcpConnsPerHost testvar to auto and setting scaleTcpConns to the total number of connections across all LAN clients used in the scaling tests. The scaleTcpConnsPerHost testvar has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release. [sc23138]

  • IPv6: Updated the following tests to execute appropriately when ipv6WanMode testvar is set to unnumbered. [sc22070]

    • cpe_v6_1
    • cpe_v6_2
    • cpe_v6_3
    • cpe_v6_4
    • cpe_v6_22
    • cpe_v6_28
  • Device Manager: The Device Manager will now attempt to reuse ports used for previous connections. Additionally this addresses an issue where the device connection would fail if the address was already present on the interface. [sc22669]

Change Log

  • CDRouter: Addressed an issue with repeating log messages when LAN clients are deauthenticated by the DUT during DHCP message exchanges. [sc19070]

  • DNS: Fixed an issue with DNS servers not responding on the secondary WAN interface. [sc23057]

  • IPv6: Tests icmpv6_5, icmpv6_34, and ipv6_ndp_41 will be skipped when the ipv6WanMode testvar is set to unnumbered. [sc22347]

  • IPv6: Added a new mapIpv6InterfaceIdFormat testvar with possible values of rfc-7597 and draft-03 which have different formats for MAP IPv6 interface identifiers. [sc21997]

  • IPv6: Fixed an issue with the Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) feature losing IPv6 default routes on the icsInterface interface. [sc20800]

  • Performance: Updated the fixed rate performance tests to not run when the supportsPerformance testvar is set to no. [sc23266]

  • Performance: Addressed errors in the text descriptions for the perfDownloadBandwidth and perfUploadBandwidth testvars. [sc23537]

  • Performance: Fixed an issue with multiple client performance tests running over long periods generating a fatal error. [sc19617]

  • Security: Improved log messages when the Nmap timeout condition configured in the nmapScanTimeout testvar is met. [sc22120]

  • Security: The ET Open ruleset shipped with the CDRouter Security expansion has been updated to version 10235. [sc23056]

  • USP: Fixed an issue in usp_conformance_6_10 when End-to-End (E2E) Session is enabled. [sc22940]

  • USP: Fixed an error condition in usp_conformance_6_3 when a DUT transmits STOMP DISCONNECT before rebooting. [sc22700]

  • USP: Removed CoAP as a supported message transport protocol for USP from CDRouter. Please see the Release 13.8 for more details about this change. [sc19263]

  • USP: Updated the USP Annex A Bulk Data Collection tests for USP to use two new testvars uspAgentSn and uspAgentOui instead of the TR-069 version of these testvars tr69DeviceOui and tr69DeviceSn . To properly execute the tests in usp_annex_a module these testvars will need to updated. [sc19314]

  • Wireless: Updated wifi_11 to be skipped if the DUT AP does not offer TKIP in wireless beacons. Updated wifi_10 to correctly skip modes incompatible with TKIP when available. [sc22722]