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CDRouter 13.13

March 30, 2023

New Features

  • API Performance Metrics: Added a new API endpoint for reporting metrics for client_bandwidth and client_latency. The new metrics will only be available on results from 13.13 or newer. The on-disk format for the client_bandwidth csv file was updated during this process. Please see the Performance Guide for more details. [sc10630]

  • ICMP (v4/v6) Multiport: Added ICMP tests for generating various ICMPv4 and ICMPv6 packets for multiple WAN ports. [sc1915]

    • cdrouter_icmp_mp_1
    • cdrouter_icmp_mp_2
    • icmpv6_mp_1
    • icmpv6_mp_2

Change Log

  • 6rd: Addressed an issue in 6rd_101 that caused valid Router Advertisements to not be accepted. [sc24477]

  • CDRouter: Added a new checkbox for clearing any licenses from both the Download License button and Drag and Drop license feature. This allows users to remove any existing licenses on the system experiencing an issue with pre-existing licenses. [sc22741]

  • CDRouter: Prevent packages from being used as a testlist if it contains other testlists. [sc1272]

  • DOCSIS: Added a new testvar docsisRemoteHost to define a new on-link stack to execute port scans in firewall-docsis and nmap-docsis modules. [sc24078]

  • DOCSIS: Removed docsis_firewall_2 and ipv6_docsis_firewall_2 as LAN clients cannot
    ping the Cable Modem (CM). [sc23806]

  • DOCSIS: Updated the connectivity test at the end of docsis_firewall_100, docsis_firewall_101, & docsis_firewall_110 to use the remoteHostIp address so that traffic is routed through the eRouter interface. [sc23804]

  • MDNS: Fixed a fatal error in mdns_22 that occurred when the DUT didn’t respond to all mDNS queries. [sc24011]

  • MDNS: Improved handling for mDNS responses that do not contain the requested record in the answers section. [sc24683]

  • NAT-Frag: Updated the references from frag-fragile-02 to RFC 8900. [sc23557]

  • Security: The ET Open ruleset shipped with the CDRouter Security expansion has been updated to version 10263. [sc24116]

  • TR-069: Added a check to prevent an error in the device data model profiling. The profiling procedure is now aborted in this case and a warning is reported. [sc24041]

  • TR-143: Fixed an error in tr143_http_60 that returned a 200 OK even if the path in the request didn’t exist. This was updated to return a 404 Not Found. [sc24295]