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CDRouter 13.14

May 4, 2023

New Features

  • DSCP QoS Tests: Added four new DSCP modules with 12 tests cases each to verify the QoS capabilities of the DUT based on the diffserv4 definition. These modules are included in the Performance expansion, please see the Performance User Guide for more information. [sc15319]

  • Locked Resources: Configs, devices, packages and results may now be locked by a user to prevent accidental or undesired changes. When a resource is locked, it cannot be modified or deleted until it is unlocked. You can see this feature in action in this video. [sc24705] [sc15375]

  • DOCSIS: Cable Modems (CMs) that have been provisioned externally may now be tested with CDRouter. see the DOCSIS User Guide for more information to configure this scenario. [sc5525]

  • Bulk Runtime Testvar Configuration: CDRouter now supports setting large groups of testvars at runtime in the API and in the web UI when launching a package or restarting a result. [sc24440]

  • WAN MAC Address Stability: CDRouter’s WAN MAC addresses may now be set to unique, stable values by setting the new testvar wanMacStable to the value yes. This setting is useful and recommended when CDRouter is deployed in a routed setup with shared resources such as a CMTS, OLT, etc. [sc24654]

  • CDRouter Web CLI: Added two new options, -export-results-csv and -export-result-logdir, to cdrouter, the CDRouter Web CLI. These new options make it possible to export a SCV or sipped archive of a specific test result, respectively. [sc16046]

  • IPv6: Added test cpe_v6_47 for verifying the DUT does not process Router Advertisements on LAN interfaces. [sc19934]

  • IPv6: Added four new tests to the ndp-wan module for verifying default router selection when the default router is invalidated. [sc22687]

    • ipv6_ndp_wan_3
    • ipv6_ndp_wan_4
    • ipv6_ndp_wan_5
    • ipv6_ndp_wan_6

Change Log

  • CDRouter: Improved handling of multi-wan configurations in the WAN static tests. [sc24505]

  • CDRouter: Fixed a broken URL in the unable-to-open-interface error page. [sc24708]

  • CDRouter: Improved UI of search bar location when viewing a config snapshot. [sc24705]

  • CDRouter: Updated the cdrouter-clone tool to preserve the licenses on the destination NTA. [sc24633]

  • CDRouter: Removed direct links in product documentation to release notes to avoid broken links when release notes are obsoleted. [sc24765]

  • CDRouter: Adds the ability to utilize the offload command for specific UDP and TCP source and destination ports to external processes. Previously, all UDP traffic would be offloaded when UDP offload was enabled, and only TCP destination traffic could be specified. [23760]

  • DOCSIS: Fixed an issue with the DOCSIS DHCP server not responding to renew request from a cable modem in certain situations. [sc23559]

  • IPv6: Added a grace period to the DHCP Solicit message retransmission timers in test dhcpv6_140. [sc23889]

  • Security: The ET Open ruleset shipped with the CDRouter Security expansion has been updated to version 10292. [sc24116]

  • SSL: Updated test cdrouter_ssl_200 to allow using SSLv2 ciphers openssl names. [sc24096]

  • TR-069: Updated TR-069 port mapping tests to support multi-wan setups. [sc24405]

  • TR-069: Improved the wireless reassociation logic during the tr69_wireless tests when the DUT reboots as part of the test. [sc25037]

  • TR-069: Fixed an issue that caused inaccurate package analysis for TR-069 DU tests when the ACS was defined in a secondary WAN group. [sc24570]

  • TR-069: Fixed an issue in tr69_conn_req_31 and tr69_conn_req_32 that prevented DoS traffic from being transmitted. [sc25287]

  • TR-069: Added a condition to the request logic that prevents the ACS from looking at the UDPConnectionRequest parameters unless the supportsTr111Part2 testvar is explicitly set to yes. [sc24627] [sc24642]

  • TR-069: Updated the log messages in tp181_test_5.1.9 to clarify a status 0 in the Periodic Inform is required. [sc24471]

  • USP: Updated test usp_30 to set the boolean AutoActivate in the Operate Download command. [sc25163]

  • USP: Fixed a bad variable reference contained in a log message in usp_conformance_8_2. [sc25332]