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CDRouter 13.16

June 29, 2023

New Features

  • Advanced Test Lists: Added many new test lists that are intended as a starting point for testing new functional areas of a CPE device. These new test lists may be combined with different WAN modes, performance metrics, and advanced settings for more complete test coverage. [sc14899]

    • Application
    • BBF.069 Certification
    • DNS
    • DOCSIS
    • IPv4 CPE
    • IPv6 CPE
    • Multicast
    • USP Certification
    • Wireless
  • ECN Tests: Added two new ECN modules, ecn and ecn_v6, with six test cases each for verifying a CPE properly forwards packets with Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) bits being set by clients. The tests verify the ECN values sent by clients and servers are not changed when no congestion is present.

    • ecn_tcp_1
    • ecn_tcp_2
    • ecn_tcp_3
    • ecn_tcp_4
    • ecn_tcp_5
    • ecn_tcp_6
    • ipv6_ecn_tcp_1
    • ipv6_ecn_tcp_2
    • ipv6_ecn_tcp_3
    • ipv6_ecn_tcp_4
    • ipv6_ecn_tcp_5
    • ipv6_ecn_tcp_6
  • TR-069: Added support for the CWMP Device:2.16 Data Model. [sc25422]

  • USP: Added support for the USP Device:2.16 Data Model. [sc25422]

Change Log

  • CDRouter: Testlists are displayed by default in the package editor. [sc25912]

  • CDRouter: Removed deprecated scaleTcpConnsPerHost testvar. [sc24017]

  • Security: Updated the tests in the heartbleed module to utilize TLS 1.2 instead of TLS 1.0. [sc25334]

  • DOCSIS: Log a notice that DOCSIS provisioning is skipped when the docsisDhcpServerEnable testvar is set to no. [sc25413]

  • DOCSIS: Fixed IA_PD routes when a DHCPv6 Relay Agent is on-link with the device under test and CDRouter. [sc25911]

  • IPv6: Updated dhcpv6_server_100 to require that no DHCPv6 Advertise or Request message is sent in response to an invalid DHCPv6 Solicit message. [sc25785]

  • IPv6: Improved ipv6_ndp_wan_3, ipv6_ndp_wan_4, ipv6_ndp_wan_5, and ipv6_ndp_wan_6 by matching Router Advertisements values and allowing more time for the router to recognize a default router change. [sc25782]

  • IPv6: Set the default value of the dhcpv6WanEnablePD testvar to yes when the ipv6WanMode testvar is PPPoE to allow for the unnumbered PPPoE mode. [sc24272]

  • IPv6: Updated cpe_v6_32 to support setting the ipv6PPPoEAddressMode testvar to autoconf. [sc25767]

  • Security: The ET Open ruleset shipped with the CDRouter Security expansion has been updated to version 10337. [sc25899]

  • TR-069: Improved the way CDRouter’s ACS handles CWMP sessions that are intentionally held open. These sessions are now gracefully closed when they are no longer needed. [sc25551] [sc25577]

  • Wireless: Update wifi_10 to warn the user if a default password for PSK or SAE is used during the test. [sc22731]