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CDRouter 13.17

June 29, 2023

New Features

  • DNS-SD: Added two new test modules dns-sd and dns-sd-v6 to the CDRouter Multiport for verifying DNS-SD (RFC 6763) functionality. [sc23101]

  • DHCPv6 Decline: Added two new tests dhcpv6_5 and dhcpv6_56 for verifying DHCPv6 Decline message transmissions on the WAN interface. [sc25638]

  • DHCPv6: Added two new tests dhcpv6_57 and dhcpv6_pd_57 for verifying T1, T2 and valid lifetime timers in DHCPv6. [sc26178]

  • Performance: Performance tests that utilize iPerf include the raw data generated by iPerf in json format, for each client and server used during the test. Please see the Performance User Guide for more information. [sc8402]

  • ICS Parallel Testing: Parallel Testing now supports enabling ICS on more than one instance. Multiple packages using the same ICS interface may be run in parallel, so long as all of their non-ICS interfaces are available and using non-overlapping WAN ISP networks. Please see the knowledge base article Running multiple packages at once for more information.

  • Duration Interrupt Option: By default, CDRouter will wait for the current test to finish before exiting when the time duration has elapsed. You can use the a new interrupt option supported in both cdrouter-cli and the CDRouter Web UI to instead have CDRouter interrupt the current test and exit immediately when the time duration has elapsed. Additionally there is an option for allowing the user to choose if an error is reported or not. You can watch Niels give a demonstration of this feature below: [sc24379]

Change Log

  • BBF.069: Fixed an issue in test 5_020_conn_request_session when a connection request is not transmitted after an ACS interrupt which caused the ACS to not function properly in subsequent tests. [sc23216]

  • BBF.069: Fixed an invalid parameter call in 5_101_change_ACS_username_password. [sc23217]

  • DOCSIS: Update cdrouter_start_docsis, which is run during start, to wait the number of seconds specified by the testvar docsisBootDelay after the TFTP file has been downloaded. [sc18982]

  • IPv6: Updated dhcpv6_22, dhcpv6_23, dhcpv6_24, dhcpv6_pd_22, dhcpv6_pd_23, and dhcpv6_pd_24 to no longer respond to retransmitted DHCPv6 Request, Renew, and Rebind messages. [sc23762]

  • IPv6: Improved error checking in ndp-wan test module. [sc26476]

  • Performance: Updated WAN and LAN MAC address filters used for performance traffic to improve and stabilize maximum rates on 10Gbps links for Upload and Download tests. [sc26260]

  • Security: The ET Open ruleset shipped with the CDRouter Security expansion has been updated to version 10362. [sc26378]

  • SNMP: Fixed an issue that prevented ipv6_snmp_docsis_500 from executing properly when testing an IPv6 cable modem. [sc21809]

  • TR-069: Updated the CWMP XML Parser to treat secure types as hidden in TR-069 data model. [sc26475]

  • TR-069: Updated tests in tr69_annex_n module to exit if the AddObject RPC fails instead of attempting to DeleteObject RPC. [sc25258]

  • TR-069: Added a verification to tr69_conn_req_40 for the existence of a parameter before attempting to update the parameter. [sc23254]

  • TR-069: Improves the ability of the ACS to wait for a CWMP session to end. [sc17874]

  • TR-069: When a device returns a status code of 1 from a SetParameterValues RPC there is now a delay before the ACS attempts to re-establish a connection. [sc22919]