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CDRouter 13.18

August 24, 2023

New Features

  • Wireless: Multiple test packages utilizing unique physical wireless interfaces may now be run in parallel. Previously CDRouter’s parallel testing feature allowed users to run only one test package utilizing wireless. For more information, please see Running multiple packages at once. [sc17757]

  • prpl HL-API: The prpl High Level-API Certification data model tests are available for testing and feedback. IMPORTANT: This version is for pre-certification only and cannot be used for official certification. For more information, please see the prpl High-Level API User Guide[sc22415]

  • IP QoS: Updated the QoS tests (fixed-dscp-perf-*.tcl) to support testing with a single WAN and LAN port by creating transient clients to create background traffic. This is intended for scenarios when a significant speed disparity exists between the WAN and LAN interfaces. For more information, please see the
    Performance User Guide. [sc26294]

Change Log

  • BBF.069: Updated the test 5_079_Manual_Reboot to utilize the testvar RestartDut . [sc23222]

  • BBF.069: Removed obsoleted Stack_wait_packet and Stack_got_packet procs to be replaced with Stack_event procs. [sc23219]

  • IPv6: Resolved issues in the health check feature and icmpv6_5 test case when testing devices using PPPoE over IPv6 with autoconf/SLAAC on the WAN. CDRouter now updates the IPv6 SLAAC address when a device obtains a new address during testing. [sc26428]

  • Multiport: The icmp-mp test module in the Multiport expansion will now be skipped if IPv4 is not enabled in the config file. Likewise, the icmp6-v6-mp test module will be skipped if IPv6 is not enabled. [sc27223]

  • Performance: Resolved an issue when running performance tests from the command line using cdrouter-cli without specifying a log directory with the -logdir option. [sc26975]

  • Performance: Improved error messages in the fixed-dscp-perf-download-v6, fixed-dscp-perf-download, fixed-dscp-perf-upload-v6 and fixed-dscp-perf-upload test modules when a wireless LAN client is deauthenticated. [sc27000]

  • Performance: Resolved an issue when running performance tests in 13.17 that caused PPPoE LCP Echo Request messages to be dropped. [sc27253]

  • Security: The ET Open ruleset shipped with the CDRouter Security expansion has been updated to version 10385. [sc26378]

  • TR-069: Updated the TR-143 HTTP server used in the tr143_http test module to support HTTP HEAD requests. [sc25141]

  • TR-069: Improved the tr69_300 test case to attempt to reconnect LAN clients after a FactoryReset RPC has been issued. [sc23007]

  • TR-069: Updated the tp_181_test_5.4.4 test case to use the dynamic value in the LeaseDuration parameter to determine how long the port mapping will be open. [sc26121]

  • TR-069: Resolved an issue with the CWMP connection request mechanism when running tests in the tr143_http test module with a WAN mode of PPPoE. [sc27013]

  • TR-069: Improved the tr69_420 test case to utilize the value of the testvar tr69RebootTimeout instead of a hard-coded value of 300 seconds. [sc22315]

  • USP: Updated the usp_conformance_8_1 test case to wait for and process only DHCP Request messages from the DUT. Previously any DHCP message from the DUT would be processed leading to unexpected failures. [sc26350]

  • Wireless: Added a note to the wifi_10 test case description regarding incompatibility with DUTs using auto bandwidth mode for 802.11ac if 160 MHz is an option that could be selected. [sc25659]

  • Wireless: Resolved an issue that caused a fatal error message in certain wireless conditions involving time-out or authentication failures. [sc27144]