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CDRouter 13.19

September 21, 2023

New Features

  • Ethernet Speed: Allow configuration of the Ethernet link-speed of CDRouter’s WAN and LAN interfaces using the new testvars lanSetEthLinkSpeed and wanSetEthLinkSpeed to set the speed value. If the attempt to configure the speed fails, an error will be raised and the package will be halted. Note this only applies to wired Ethernet interfaces and will be ignored for wireless interfaces. [sc26207]

  • USP Plugfest 2023: As a participant in the Broadband Forum’s September 2023 USP Plugfest, we have added a number of new test cases for verifying the functionality with multiple USP Controllers, bulk data transfers with excluded parameters, USP/TR-069 dual management, and Software Module Management (SMM). The following new tests and modules are now available:

Change Log

  • BBF.069: Resolved an error with a bad variable reference in the test 5_108_certificates_used_no_ntp in the Secure_CWMP test module within the BBF.069 Expansion that caused an error. [sc27652]

  • CDRouter: The Ethernet link speed is now recorded in the start log for all Ethernet interfaces in use. [sc26992]

  • CDRouter: Resolved an issue that prevented tags in certain situations from being applied to configs and packages. [sc27300]

  • CDRouter: Updated CDRouter to verify the value of wanDutClientID as the DHCP client ID when assigning a DHCP lease on the DUT in a bridge mode configuration. [sc26804]

  • Performance: Resolved an issue that allowed for executing the IPv6 tests in the fixed-dscp-perf-download-v6 and fixed-dscp-perf-upload-v6 module when IPv6 WAN mode is set to unnumbered. The IPv6 test in the performance expansion require a global IPv6 address on the WAN interface. [sc27659]

  • PRPL High-Level API: Updated the prpl Data Model to use X_PRPLWARE_COM instead of the current value of X_PRPL_COM for prpl specific objects and parameters. [sc27292]

  • TR-069: Resolved an error with a bad variable reference in the test tp181_test_5.4.6. [sc27767]

  • TR-069: The tr143_http_105, tr143_http_106, tr143_http_107, and tr143_http_108 test cases in the tr143_http test module require IPv6 and will now be automatically skipped if IPv6 is not enabled. [sc27148]

  • TR-069: Updates test case tr69_110 to handle periodic Inform messages transmitted within the scheduled time period. [sc26816]

  • Security: The ET Open ruleset shipped with the CDRouter Security expansion has been updated to version 10403. [sc27426]

  • USP: Removed USP specific error handling in MQTT that was deprecated in version 1.2 of USP. [sc27657]

  • USP: Resolved an issue when using WebSocket as the transport for USP. CDRouter was not properly receiving HTTP messages that do not specify the Content-Length. [sc27619]

  • USP: Updated the process of adding a secondary controller to use the E2ESession.SessionMode parameter instead of E2ESession.Enable. [sc27112]

  • USP: The usp_30 test case will now be skipped if the required firmware images are not configured. [sc27112]

  • Wireless: Updated CDRouter’s wireless clients to attempt to associate every 5 seconds within the startTimeout period of the start procedure. Previous versions of CDRouter would only attempt wirelessRetry times during the startup period. [sc16043]

  • Wireless: Updated the test case wifi_10 to skip checking ac mode when using 160 MHz width channels on the 11ax MediaTek wireless cards since this mode is not currently supported. [sc27084]