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CDRouter 13.8

Release Type Release Number Release Date
Original CDRouter 13.8.1 October 27, 2022
Maintenance Release CDRouter 13.8.2 November 15, 2022

November 15, 2022

Change Log

  • TR-069: Updated TR-69 SetParameterValue profile test to ignore hidden parameters. The 13.8.1 version of these tests didn’t ignore hidden parameters.[sc21348]

  • USP: Updated TR-369 Set profile tests to ignore hidden parameters.
    The 13.8.1 version of these tests didn’t ignore hidden parameters.[sc21348]

October 27, 2022

New Features

  • USP: The CDRouter USP expansion now includes a full implementation of version 1.2 DRAFT of TP-469, the Conformance Test Plan for User Services Platform Agents Look for news from the Broadband Forum and/or QA Cafe on when this test plan is published and available for certification.

    This is a major update to the usp_conformance test module containing many new test cases and updates based on changes to the test plan. For a complete list of changes associated with TP-469 version 1.2, please see the additional notes below.

    All users actively seeking TP-469 certification should upgrade to CDRouter 13.8 as soon as possible. More information on USP self-testing certification with CDRouter may be found here.

    Please contact with any questions!

  • DoH Test Cases: Added two new modules for testing DNS over HTTPS, dns-https and dns-https-v6. Please see this knowledge base article for information on how to configure and run these modules. [sc19856]

  • Device Info: Added Default SSID as a field to the Devices page within CDRouter’s web UI. [sc99930]

  • Python 2 Removed: Support for Python 2 within has been removed. All scripts using should be updated to use Python 3, which is fully supported. [sc6359]

Change Log

  • CDRouter: Resolved an issue with the escaping of special characters in the testvar lanSSID . [sc19167]

  • CDRouter: Updated the test duration reported in test logs to match the value reported in the Web UI. [sc16722]

  • CDRouter: Addressed an issue causing wireless interfaces to be inoperable when the system regdomain is set to a region with a county code between 0-99. [sc20248]

  • IPv6: Added IP stack checking that will report an error in icmpv6_2 when DUT is an unexpected state. [sc20020]

  • IPv6: Updated ipv6_ndp_31 to support DUTs that are configured for both DHCPv6 and SLAAC. [sc19918]

  • Security: The ET Open ruleset shipped with the CDRouter Security expansion has been updated to version 10145. [sc20084]

  • SNMP: Resolved an issue in the SNMP WAN tests in routed environments where the wanIspAssignIp and wanNatIp were not honored. [sc20328]

  • TR-069: Added a CWMP check between test cases that require CWMP reconfiguration to ensure the next test can run. [sc17045]

  • TR-069: CDRouter will now catch and abort the test run if the testvar cwmpModifyParameters is set to an invalid parameter name. [sc19474]

  • TR-069: When cwmpDataValidation is enabled CDRouter will now detect and generate a warning if any parameters are missing the type attribute completely. [sc20613]

  • USP: CDRouter will now catch and abort the test run if the testvar uspModifyParameters is set to an invalid parameter name. [sc19474]

  • USP: Added uspDataValidation to enable validation of parameter values based on the defined data type during USP profile tests. [sc19474]

  • USP: Resolved an issue where uspSupportedDataModel was not applied when TR-069 wasn’t enabled on the system. [sc20290]

  • USP: Added uspFirmwareDownloadTimeout to allow the expected download and install time of firmware to be configured. [sc20636]

Fixes and Improvements

  • Added support for MQTT 3.1.1 [sc18326]
  • The USP Conformance module will no longer run with CoAP as the selected MTP, since CoAP was deprecated in TR-369 v1.2. The other non-conformance tests can still be run with CoAP but eventually support for CoAP will be removed altogether from CDRouter. [sc18723]

New Test Cases

  • The following tests were added to TP-469 v1.2 and are now included in the usp_conformance module:
    • usp_conformance_1_86: Get message with unresolved instances - using a search path [sc18073] [USPTEST-118]
    • usp_conformance_1_87: Get message with unresolved instances - using an object path [sc18073] [USPTEST-118]
    • usp_conformance_1_88: Add message fails when unique key is invalid [sc18251] [USPTEST-153]
    • usp_conformance_1_89: Get message using max_depth [sc18252] [USPTEST-154]
    • usp_conformance_1_90: Delete message with search expression that matches no objects [sc18255] [USPTEST-157]
    • usp_conformance_1_91: Unknown arguments in an Operate message [sc18256] [sc19814] [USPTEST-158]
    • usp_conformance_1_92: Agent uses default values for Operate arguments [sc18257] [USPTEST-159]
    • usp_conformance_6_12: STOMP - Use of Connect Record [sc18160] [USPTEST-149]
    • usp_conformance_7_10: WebSocket - Use of Connect Record [sc18170] [USPTEST-150]
    • usp_conformance_10_13: Use BulkData collection over MQTT [sc18189] [USPTEST-151]
    • All tests in Section 11: MQTT Tests [sc18248] [USPTEST-34]

Modified Test Cases

  • Updated test usp_conformance_3_8 to not require USP layer TLS. [sc20489]
  • Added logic for skipping test usp_conformance_3_13 if USP layer TLS isn’t enabled. [sc20499] [USPTEST-185]
  • Updated test usp_conformance_2_9 to expect the correct EndpointID in the GetResponse. [sc20540]
  • Updated tests usp_conformance_8_4 and usp_conformance_8_5 to process multiple mDNS queries after the DUT has rebooted. [sc19175]
  • Addressed fail message output in test ‘usp_conformance_7_5`. [sc20457]
  • Updated test usp_conformance_3_8 and usp_conformance_3_9 to ensure pass/fail metrics are always being evaluated. [sc20489]
  • Updated the USP controller to handle empty payloads. [sc20502]
  • Updated test usp_conformance_3_10 to correct invalid path. [sc20490]
  • Expanded log messages in test usp_conformance_3_14. [sc20503]
  • Updated test usp_conformance_3_11 to match the sequence_id and expected_id. [sc20617]
  • Updated test usp_conformance_8_4 and usp_conformance_8_5 to process multiple mDNS packets. [sc19175]
  • Updated test usp_conformance_1_83 to use a nested multi-instance object [sc20028] [USPTEST-179]
  • Updated test usp_conformance_3_9 to start the new session using sequence_id = 1 and expected_id = 1. [sc20040] [USPTEST-181]
  • Updated the certificate in test usp_conformance_9_2 to remove the validity dates before the certificate in controller.pem. [sc20041]
  • Corrected partial path format in usp_conformance_1_78. [sc20042]
  • Updates test usp_conformance_1_78, usp_conformance_2_9, and usp_conformance_9_9 to only add a new Device.LocalAgentMTP. object for MQTT and STOMP. [sc20042]
  • Updated test usp_conformance_3_1 and usp_conformance_6_9 to remove all mtp-specific checks and ensures the EUT either ignores the bad request or sends a USP Record error. [sc19196] [USPTEST-170]
  • Updated test usp_conformance_1_23 to expect an empty oper_success element instead of an error message. [sc18254] [USPTEST-156]
  • Added verification of new USP 1.2 fields in GetSupportedDataModel to tests usp_conformance_1_72, usp_conformance_1_73, usp_conformance_1_75, & usp_conformance_1_76. [sc18250] [USPTEST-152]
  • Test usp_conformance_8_5 no longer requires the CoAP MTP. [sc19195] [USPTEST-162]
  • Updated to allow the EUT to only send one error in test usp_conformance_1_21. [sc18069] [USPTEST-130]
  • Added check that subscription_id field is blank in test usp_conformance_1_60. [sc18071] [USPTEST-137]
  • Removed requirement that the EUT send a STOMP DISCONNECT in test usp_conformance_6_7. [sc18072] [USPTEST-133]
  • Added check for OperationComplete message in test usp_conformance_1_64. [sc19193] [USPTEST-146]
  • Loosens requirement for error codes in test usp_conformance_2_18. [sc19199] [USPTEST-141]
  • Updated test usp_conformance_1_20 to allow a single param_err element. [sc18253] [USPTEST-155]
  • Adds checks that no subscription object have been created in tests usp_conformance_1_3, usp_conformance_1_4, & usp_conformance_1_6 and adds checks that no subscription objects have been modified in usp_conformance_1_21. [sc19202] [USPTEST-168]
  • Various typographical fixes. [sc18074] [USPTEST-132][sc19032] [USPTEST-147] [sc19194] [USPTEST-167] [sc19200] [USPTEST-144]

Removed Test Cases

  • The following tests were deprecated in TP-469 v1.1 and removed from the usp_conformance test module:
    • All tests in Section 5: CoAP Test Cases [sc18258] [USPTEST-161]


  • Important installation notes: If you are upgrading from CDRouter 12.x or earlier versions, please read the CDRouter 13.0 release notes for important information and requirements before upgrading.

  • CentOS 7 to Rocky Linux migration: All NTA1000v5 and NTA1000v6 systems are now eligible for an operating system upgrade from CentOS 7 to Rocky Linux 8. Please see our Rebuild System Drive guide for more information.

  • Config upgrades: CDRouter 13.8 includes many new features and configuration testvars. Config files may be easily upgraded to include all new CDRouter 13.8 testvars using the config upgrade utility.