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CDRouter 13.9

December 1, 2022

New Features

  • Bulk Config Upgrade: The Web UI now supports bulk upgrade of config files. Please see this knowledge base article for information on how to utilize this new feature.[sc20602]

  • DHCPv6 UUID: Updated the dhcpv6DuidType testvar to add the ability to configure DHCPv6 server and client to use DHCPv6 DUID-UUID (Type 4) defined in RFC 6355. [sc20866]

  • DHCPv6 Timer Tests: Added the following tests for DHCPv6 retransmission verification. Note that these test cases take longer to run and should not be added to any test packages that are time limited. [sc12508]

    • dhcpv6_52
    • dhcpv6_53
    • dhcpv6_54
    • dhcpv6_55
    • dhcpv6_pd_52
    • dhcpv6_pd_53
    • dhcpv6_pd_54
    • dhcpv6_pd_55

Change Log

  • Connectivity: Fixed an issue with unnumbered WAN configuration for connectivity module. [sc21206]

  • DHCPv6: Updated the DHCPv6 server’s address reservation mechanism to use ipv6WanDutDuid testvar instead of the dhcpClientMac testvar. [sc20866]

  • MDNS: Fixed an issue with ipv6_mdns_10 processing only the A record when both A and AAAA records are present in a DNS response message. [sc21316]

  • SNMP: Updated SNMP scenarios to use the docsisAssignIpv6 testvar for IPv6 connections to the DUT when the testvar docsisIpProvisioningMode is set to ipv6-only. Previous releases would always send to the CMs IPv4 address in this configuration. [sc20825]

  • Security: The ET Open ruleset shipped with the CDRouter Security expansion has been updated to version 10173. [sc21087]

  • TR-069: Fixed an issue with the ACS configuring the wrong XMPP connection during start. [sc21140]

  • USP: Added USP 1.2 as the test reference for usp module. [sc21736]

  • Wireless: Addressed an issue with wifi_11 test case that failed devices connected using 802.11 g phy when in the 2.4GHz band. [sc20787]


  • New 8.6 Golden Image: Version 8.6 of the NTA1000 operating system image, aka the golden image, is now available. This version fixes an auto-negotiation issue on the 10G interfaces, allows for setting the wireless phy mode to a/b/g/n/ac on 802.11AX cards, and adds support for the NTAv7M series. For more information, please see the Golden Image Release Notes or contact