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CDRouter 14.1

January 25, 2024

New Features

  • Performance: Updated CDRouter to utilize a multi-threaded application for generating performance traffic. [sc29470]

  • PRPL HL-API: The High-Level API prplWare Data Model has been updated to support prplOS 3.0 for certification testing. [sc28029]

  • Logging: Add new “Warnings” checkbox to CDRouter log viewer to allow filtering out warning logs. [sc15396]

Change Log

  • BBF-069: Updated test cases 5_103_periodic_inform_time_past and 5_104_periodic_inform_time_future to account for time zone adjustments. [sc29568]

  • CDRouter: Deprecated AP Mode and the associated testvars. This functionality will be permanently removed in future versions. [sc29821]

  • CDRouter: Updated the result config Diff view in the web UI to include the full result ID and date. [sc16176]

  • CDRouter: Updated the layout of the Systems Info page in the Web UI. [sc28409]

  • CDRouter: The nat-static module is now skipped when running in a point-to-point WAN mode. [sc7720]

  • CDRouter: Updated the DHCP and DHCPv6 servers to omit the DNS search list, NTP server, and DNS server options when no values are configured. [sc27570]

  • CDRouter: Added elliptic algorithm support to tests in the ssl module. [sc27017]

  • CDRouter: Updated the Broadband Forum test plan links to the correct versions of all documents. [sc28362]

  • CDRouter: Improved log messages in cdrouter_firewall_2 and ipv6_firewall_2. [sc21965]

  • CDRouter: Updated the number of queries to match the description in dns_tcp_301. [sc20909]

  • CDRouter: When importing results the archive flag will be removed to allow viewing of all the results. [sc20784]

  • CDRouter: Fixed an error in test case cdrouter_firewall_outbound_3 that failed devices incorrectly in certain conditions. [sc29187]

  • CDRouter: Added a log message to print at startup and shutdown that includes the CDRouter version and PID. [sc28982]

  • CDRouter: Added additional logging to indicate when a test ends and clean up for the test starts. [sc21243]

  • CDRouter: Updated the references in the upnp module. [sc26590]

  • CDRouter: Fixed formatting in the default config template in the wan2 and wan3 sections. [sc27532]

  • CDRouter: Add constraint for lanMacId to restrict lanClients to 1. Additional lanClients with unknown (random) MAC addresses, when combined with stack rotation will cause unexpected results for parental controls (internet-schedule) test cases. [sc29222]

  • IPv6: IPv6 ICS is now enabled earlier in start, after the primary WAN stack’s IPv6 address is configured. [sc28418]

  • IPv6: Fixed an error that allowed setting icsShareIPv4 and icsShareIPv6 testvars if icsInterface testvar is an invalid value. [sc10233]

  • TR-069: Updated TR-069 port mapping tests to support testing multiple WAN connections. [sc25518]

  • TR-069: Addressed an issue in tr69_131 that caused passing firmware updates to be marked as failures. [sc29040]

  • TR-069: Updated test case tp181_5.1.1 to ProvisioningCode instead of PeriodicInformInterval. [sc29386]

  • TR-069: Reduced the test string length in test case tp181_5.7.5. [sc7648]

  • TR-069: Moved the acsTargetDevice testvar to where additional TR-069 device groups are defined. [sc28972]

  • Performance: Addressed an issue with the threshold of 5000 Mbps being applied to PPPoE configurations when it should only be applied to PPPoE/VLAN configuration. [sc29776]

  • Performance: Updated multi-client performance graphs to display individual client graphs for download tests only. Upload tests do not support individual client graphing. [sc28513]

  • USP: Improved the logging messages for USP Scenarios. [sc19846]

  • USP: Updated the usp_annex_a, usp_multicontroller, and usp_smm modules to be skipped when USP is not enabled. [sc25730]

  • USP: Improved failing log message in usp_conformance_8_2 test. [sc26351]

  • Wireless: This update corrects an issue where logging the channel width was causing fatal errors during association. This change updates the Wireless Association logging by displaying the Station Information after the Association and any Authentication has completed and the station is fully connected. [sc29223]