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CDRouter 14.2

February 22, 2024

New Features

  • Power Control: The cdrouter-power tool now supports serial to USB connections for NP-05B. For more information, please see How can I automatically restart my router each time I run a test.[sc30709]

  • UDP Fixed Rate test: Added new tests in the fixed-rate-perf-10 and fixed-rate-perf-10-v6 for testing UDP from 5000Mbps to 10000Mbps. [sc22807]

  • System Migration: Added support for migration of configurations, hardware, and UI for a future hardware platforms. [sc30068] [sc30238] [sc30468] [sc30117] [sc30251] [sc30703] [sc30229] [sc29682] [sc26683] [sc30500] [sc30060] [sc28862] [sc30270]

Change Log

  • CDRouter: Deprecated AP Mode and the associated testvars. This functionality will be permanently removed in future versions. [sc29821]

  • CDRouter: Updated the dhcpServerBroadcast testvar description to describe how it interacts with DHCP request’s broadcast flag. [sc25541]

  • CDRouter: Addressed an error when checking a config with multiple WAN interfaces defined. [sc30341]

  • CDRouter: Installed additional libraries to support the CDRouter utility getcore. [sc30180]

  • CDRouter: Fixed an issue that caused a failure log message to be excluded from the log in the mdns and mdns-v6 modules. [sc30681]

  • CDRouter: Addressed CDRouter not starting scheduled packages at the correct time due to a bug in the time tracking. [sc30467]

  • IPv6: Added a warning to dhcpv6_server_9 test when no ULA prefix is defined in ipv6LanULAPrefix testvar. [sc28211]

  • Performance: Fixed an issue that may occur when processing TCP packets for ECN tests. [sc30345]

  • Performance: Updated the fixed rate performance tests (TCP, UDP) above 2500Mbps to utilize 4 streams. [sc30173]

  • Security: The ET Open ruleset shipped with the CDRouter Security expansion has been updated to version 10517. [sc30259]

  • TR-069: Updated the wireless band selection logic in tp181_test_5.6.14 and tp181_test_5.6.15. [sc27943]

  • TR-069: Improved CDRouter ACS reception of non-printable characters. [sc30241]

  • TR-069: Modified the tr69_cookie_2 tests to not ignore the Domain if the cookie attribute is empty. [sc27137]

  • TR-069: Added an additional check for a trailing dot . in the Path Name for a parameter value in DeploymentUnitRef in od128_test_35.2 test. [sc27097]

  • TR-069: Updates the TR-069 profile tests to handle multiple sessions properly. [sc26608]

  • TR-069: Replaced the use for the deprecated parameter Device.Time.NTPServer with Device.Time.Client.{i}. in test cases tr69_27, tr6_410, tp181_test_5.1.2 and tp181_test_5.1.3. [sc27673]

  • TR-069: Fixed an issue in tr69_210 and tr69_220 when the wanDutClientID is specified. [sc30063]

  • TR-069: Updated test tp181_test_5.4.1 to tp181_test_5.4.9 to be automatically skipped if the wanMode testvar is set to dslite. [sc28829]

  • TR-069: Addressed an error that occurred when processing TransferComplete RPC that is missing a FaultStruct element. [sc29553]

  • TR-069: Improvement to the TR-69 auto profile mode to prevent CDRouter from verifying an object when there are no existing instances in DUT’s data model. [sc28018]

  • TR-069: Improved handling of CWMP session termination when verifying wireless client packet statistics. [sc30531]

  • USP: Addressed an issue with the usp_smm_3 test checking the value of CurrentState attribute to be Uninstalled instead the current value of UnInstalled. [sc30636] [sc30635]