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CDRouter 14.3

March 21, 2024

Support for the NTA3000 test platform

Our latest hardware platform for CDRouter, the NTA3000, is now available and supported by CDRouter 14.3. The NTA3000 is our most advanced platform yet, with more 10G Ethernet ports, support for Wi-Fi 7, and a number of other key features. This is our platform for the future of CDRouter and makes it easier for us to deliver better testing for your advanced broadband CPE and Wi-Fi devices under test.

Customers looking to upgrade should reach out to

Other New Features

  • SSL: Added cdrouter_ssl_110 and cdrouter_ssl_210 tests which verify LAN HTTPs server accepts connections with allowed SSL protocols and ciphers based on new testvars sslAllowedProtocols and sslAllowedCiphers . [sc24099]

  • TR-069: Added support for the CWMP Device:2.17 Data Model. [sc30494]

  • USP: Added support for the USP Device:2.17 Data Model. [sc30494]

Change Log

  • CDRouter: Updated cdrouter-diag to support the NTA3000. [sc30685]

  • CDRouter: Updated the function of wanDutClientID to only verify the DHCP Client ID when forwardingMode is set to bridge. [sc19763]

  • CDRouter: Fixed an incorrect URL reference for IETF draft draft-biggs-sip-nat-00. [sc30371]

  • IPv6: Enabled test dhcpv6_pd_63 test to work in environments when MLD snooping is enabled. [sc13679]

  • IPv6: Allowed for executing the tests in the ipsec-esp-v6 module when IPv6 WAN mode is set to unnumbered. [sc27089]

  • IPv6: Improved ula_3 test to support both DHCP and SLAAC on the LAN. [sc23496]

  • IPv6: Updated icmpv6_32 test to verify both hop limit 0 and 1.
    Previously, the test would not verify hop limit of 1 if hop limit 0 failed. [sc19859]

  • IPv6: A warning message will now be logged when CDRouter cannot route a DHCPv6 message to a configured Relay Agent. [sc27958]

  • Multiport: Updates guest_1 tests procedure to remove ARP verification. [sc22868]

  • Performance: Improves reporting when a stream encounters a connection issue. Also optimizes the initial measurement tests to only run once per physical interface. [sc30545]

  • Performance: Fixes an issue causing all Initial Perf Pings to go to the first client. Perf Pings are now sent to the client about to be started. [sc30596]

  • Performance: Addressed a formatting error in the log output of performance tests. [sc30752]

  • Security: The ET Open ruleset shipped with the CDRouter Security expansion has been updated to version 10539. [sc30877]

  • TR-069: Updated the log message in tr69_210 and tr69_220 tests to include the expected IP address when a FAIL occurs. [sc27530]

  • USP: Added checks for fault codes in each notify the EUT is expected to send in usp_30 test. [sc29426]

  • Wireless: Prevent invalid configuration of different channels or different bands on the same wireless radio. [sc20322]

  • Wireless: Improved error handling in certain wireless error conditions. [sc31234] [sc30970] [sc30639]