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CDRouter 14.4

April 18, 2024

New Features

  • Power Control: Added support for the Synaccess SynLink SP-1001AIE-02 (PDU) available in the NTA3000 Advanced Accessory Pack. If interested in purchasing please contact [sc31279]

  • Data Model Logging: TR-069 & USP Profile tests will now log each parameter, object, command, or event that is verified in each test. Users can easily view verified parameters by filtering on Log messages or Pass/Fail messages for a summary of parameters tested. [sc30179]

  • USP: Updated the USP controller, agent and decoder libraries to support USP 1.3 messages. [sc29562]

  • RDK-B Profile: Updated the RDKB_profiles module to use the Q1 2024 release data models. [sc31726]

  • prpl HL-API: Added CWMP version of the prpl High-Level API data model verification tests. These are only for discovery purposes and may not be used for certification. [sc31281]

Change Log

  • CDRouter: Obsoleted AP Mode and the associated testvars. This functionality will be permanently removed. [sc31725]

  • CDRouter: Removed an erroneous warning message in final for the prpl HL-API expansion. [sc30534]

  • CDRouter: Fixed an error causing DNS messages from a specific source port (0x0e00) to not be processed correctly. [sc31318]

  • IPv6: Fixed an error in a function call in ipv6_upnp_204 and ipv6_upnp_igd2_204 that caused issues with the test terminating properly. [sc31039]

  • IPv6: Addressed an error in dhcpv6_pd_63 that prevented LAN clients from acquiring IPv6 global addresses. [sc31505]

  • IPv6: Updated tests in the ipv6_mdns module to scan for IPv6 addresses in both the answers and additional records instead of just using the first answer. [sc30946] [sc30942]

  • Security: Updated the version of nmap (7.94) and addressed an issue with unexpected output causing testcases to be marked as having failed when in fact they passed. [sc26463]

  • Security: The ET Open ruleset shipped with the CDRouter Security expansion has been updated to version 10558. [sc31416]

  • TR-069: Added support for using the decimal data type in data models. [sc31203]

  • TR-069: Addressed a fatal error in test tr69_27 caused by not waiting for the RPC to timeout in certain cases. [sc14830]

  • Wireless: Improved error reporting when a fatal error is encountered with a wireless device. [sc24639]

  • Wireless: Fixed an issue with an error output in perf_client module tests. [sc31510]

  • Wireless: Omit noise logging output in the station information when true value is unknown (noise=0). [sc31514]