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CDRouter 14.5

May 16, 2024

New Features

  • Wireless Stress Test: Added a new wifi_300 test that performs stress tests on all clients instead of a single client. [sc6655]

  • IPv4 Connectivity: Added an IPv4 ping in start to allow users to verify connectivity. [sc24688]

  • DNS Entries: Increased the maximum number of user defined DNS entries from 10 to 100 set in the testvar dnsHostname . [sc21971]

Change Log

  • CDRouter: Modified the network filter to allow EAPOL-Key messages while running Performance tests. [sc30753]

  • CDRouter: Update cdrouter-power to auto detect the USB port on the NTA3000. [sc32813]

  • CDRouter: Updated net-snmp library to version 5.9.4. [sc30648]

  • CDRouter: Improved vlan filters applied in start to utilize updated kernel filters. [sc31760]

  • CDRouter: Fixed a typo in DNS-TLS logs. [sc32464]

  • CDRouter: Fixed a bug where if a copy of a config/package snapshot was made, the resulting copy displayed the wrong set of interfaces. [sc32896]

  • CDRouter: ICMPv6 packets with unexpected headers will now generate a warning message instead of an error message. [sc26467]

  • CDRouter: Stopped initializing the IPv4 DHCP pool when running tests from the sip-v6 module. [sc31825]

  • CDRouter: Added a check that static routes don’t overlap when configuring multiple staticRouteWanNetwork routes for different WAN interfaces. [sc32383]

  • IPv6: Removed the requirement to reboot in test cpe_v6_4. [sc31849]

  • IPv6: Updated the cpe_v6 module tests to wait RestartDutDelay testvar seconds after a reboot to avoid sending traffic until the DUT is properly rebooted. [sc29800]

  • IPv6: Fixed an issue with test ipv6_ndp_31 failing by not calculating the correct prefix value based on the dhcpv6WanAssignPrefixLen testvar. [sc31687]

  • IPv6: Improved the logging and measurements of DHCPv6 Solicits in test cpe_v6_36. [sc26186]

  • Performance: Removed the unused testvar perfFairness from the multiport expansion config template. [sc31392]

  • Security: The ET Open ruleset shipped with the CDRouter Security expansion has been updated to version 10585. [sc32346]

  • USP: Addressed a fatal error in usp_functional_1_1_test_1_83. [sc32248]

  • USP: Fixed an issue with USP get tests and improved profile logging events. [sc32514]