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CDRouter Apple HomeKit Test Summaries

Test Case Summaries

  • Modules: 2
  • Test Cases: 97

Below is a summary of the testcases in each module


Apple HomeKit-enabled Router Certification Test Plan

Test Name Synopsis
homekit_TCSR003 HomeKit Test TCSR003
homekit_TCSR004 HomeKit Test TCSR004
homekit_TCSR006 HomeKit Test TCSR006
homekit_TCSR007 HomeKit Test TCSR007
homekit_TCSR008 HomeKit Test TCSR008
homekit_TCSR010 HomeKit Test TCSR010
homekit_TCSR011 HomeKit Test TCSR011
homekit_TCSR012 HomeKit Test TCSR012
homekit_TCSR013 HomeKit Test TCSR013
homekit_TCSR014 HomeKit Test TCSR014
homekit_TCSR015 HomeKit Test TCSR015
homekit_TCSR016 HomeKit Test TCSR016
homekit_TCSR017 HomeKit Test TCSR017
homekit_TCSR018 HomeKit Test TCSR018
homekit_TCSR019 HomeKit Test TCSR019
homekit_TCSR020 HomeKit Test TCSR020
homekit_TCSR021 HomeKit Test TCSR021
homekit_TCSR022 HomeKit Test TCSR022
homekit_TCSR023 HomeKit Test TCSR023
homekit_TCSR024 HomeKit Test TCSR024
homekit_TCSR025 HomeKit Test TCSR025
homekit_TCSR026 HomeKit Test TCSR026
homekit_TCSR027 HomeKit Test TCSR027
homekit_TCSR028 HomeKit Test TCSR028
homekit_TCSR029 HomeKit Test TCSR029
homekit_TCSR030 HomeKit Test TCSR030
homekit_TCSR031 HomeKit Test TCSR031
homekit_TCSR032 HomeKit Test TCSR032
homekit_TCSR033 HomeKit Test TCSR033
homekit_TCSR034 HomeKit Test TCSR034
homekit_TCSR035 HomeKit Test TCSR035
homekit_TCSR036 HomeKit Test TCSR036
homekit_TCSR037 HomeKit Test TCSR037
homekit_TCSR038 HomeKit Test TCSR038
homekit_TCSR039 HomeKit Test TCSR039
homekit_TCSR041 HomeKit Test TCSR041
homekit_TCSR042 HomeKit Test TCSR042
homekit_TCSR043 HomeKit Test TCSR043
homekit_TCSR044 HomeKit Test TCSR044
homekit_TCSR045 HomeKit Test TCSR045
homekit_TCSR046 HomeKit Test TCSR046
homekit_TCSR047 HomeKit Test TCSR047
homekit_TCSR048 HomeKit Test TCSR048
homekit_TCSR049 HomeKit Test TCSR049
homekit_TCSR050 HomeKit Test TCSR050
homekit_TCSR051 HomeKit Test TCSR051
homekit_TCSR052 HomeKit Test TCSR052
homekit_TCSR053 HomeKit Test TCSR053
homekit_TCSR054 HomeKit Test TCSR054


IPv6 Apple HomeKit-enabled Router Certification Test Plan

Test Name Synopsis
homekit_TCSR003_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR003 IPv6
homekit_TCSR004_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR004 IPv6
homekit_TCSR006_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR006 IPv6
homekit_TCSR007_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR007 IPv6
homekit_TCSR008_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR008 IPv6
homekit_TCSR010_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR010 IPv6
homekit_TCSR011_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR011 IPv6
homekit_TCSR012_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR012 IPv6
homekit_TCSR013_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR013 IPv6
homekit_TCSR014_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR014 IPv6
homekit_TCSR015_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR015 IPv6
homekit_TCSR016_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR016 IPv6
homekit_TCSR017_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR017 IPv6
homekit_TCSR018_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR018 IPv6
homekit_TCSR020_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR020 IPv6
homekit_TCSR021_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR021 IPv6
homekit_TCSR022_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR022 IPv6
homekit_TCSR023_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR023 IPv6
homekit_TCSR024_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR024 IPv6
homekit_TCSR025_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR025 IPv6
homekit_TCSR026_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR026 IPv6
homekit_TCSR027_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR027 IPv6
homekit_TCSR028_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR028 IPv6
homekit_TCSR029_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR029 IPv6
homekit_TCSR030_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR030 IPv6
homekit_TCSR031_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR031 IPv6
homekit_TCSR032_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR032 IPv6
homekit_TCSR033_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR033 IPv6
homekit_TCSR034_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR034 IPv6
homekit_TCSR035_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR035 IPv6
homekit_TCSR036_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR036 IPv6
homekit_TCSR037_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR037 IPv6
homekit_TCSR038_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR038 IPv6
homekit_TCSR039_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR039 IPv6
homekit_TCSR041_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR041 IPv6
homekit_TCSR042_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR042 IPv6
homekit_TCSR043_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR043 IPv6
homekit_TCSR044_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR044 IPv6
homekit_TCSR045_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR045 IPv6
homekit_TCSR046_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR046 IPv6
homekit_TCSR047_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR047 IPv6
homekit_TCSR048_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR048 IPv6
homekit_TCSR049_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR049 IPv6
homekit_TCSR050_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR050 IPv6
homekit_TCSR051_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR051 IPv6
homekit_TCSR052_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR052 IPv6
homekit_TCSR053_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR053 IPv6
homekit_TCSR054_ipv6 HomeKit TCSR054 IPv6