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CDRouter prpl High-Level API User Guide


The CDRouter prpl High-Level API expansion tests the prpl Foundation’s High-Level API Test Plan for their certification program. It includes all the tests and data modeling required for you to test your prpl device for this certification. See HL-API Certification and prpl HL-API Data Model for details on the test methodology. Note, a prpl Foundation login is required to view these two links.

IMPORTANT This Certification program is still under development and is released for testing and feedback. Please contact with any questions or feedback.


CDRouter prpl High-Level API is a licensed expansion that must be purchased from QA Cafe. CDRouter prpl High-Level API requires the USP expansion. For information on upgrading a license to include CDRouter prpl High-Level API or any other expansions, please contact


The prpl High-Level API tests perform USP functions to determine support for the prpl Data model profile. The profile defines all required objects, parameters, commands, and events for a prpl device. These tests use USP to verify the prpl device’s data model.

Test Cases

Test Name Description
prpl_hl-api.1.1 Profile GetSupportedDM
prpl_hl-api.1.2 Profile Parameters Write
prpl_hl-api.1.3 Get
prpl_hl-api.1.4 Set
prpl_hl-api.1.5 Add and Delete

Test Setup

USP is required for the prpl High-Level API tests. To configure CDRouter for USP, see the CDRouter USP User Guide.