Decode Options

If you have advanced decode options that need to be changed for a specific situation, or if there are site-global preferences that your organization needs, you can easily edit the global preferences file directly from the CloudShark interface.

In some cases, changing decode options can have a big impact on performance. Other options may impact a CloudShark analysis tool. We recommend that you only introduce new decode option after consulting or as directed by another support articles. You can always restore CloudShark’s default behavior by clearing and saving the decode options.

The link to the new Decode Options editor can be found at the bottom of the Appliance Setup -> Settings page.

Saving Changes

CloudShark will verify the syntax of this file before saving this and any errors will be printed to the screen. These must be fixed or CloudShark will not save any changes. To cancel without saving any changes click the Cancel button. The Restore Current Options button will load the current Wireshark preferences that CloudShark is using.

In order to apply any changes to this file, CloudShark will need to log all users out of their sessions, requiring them to log back in immediately. The Admin user doing the editing will also need to log back in.

Supported Preferences

By logging into your CloudShark appliance using ssh you can also get a list of the currently supported preferences and their default value by running the command:

$ /usr/cloudshark/bin/tshark -G defaultprefs