Maintenance and Support Agreement


Business hours: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST/EDT, Monday through Friday except on officially designated holidays.

Anniversary date: The first day of the current contract period. Each CloudShark license comes with 1 year of maintenance and support from QA Cafe.

Contract period: One year (365 days) from the anniversary date, unless otherwise noted. Maintenance and support may be extended for another year at the conclusion of an existing contract period.

Response time: Most questions are typically answered within a few hours if received during normal business hours. Questions received outside of normal business hours will be addressed as soon as possible. Any issues requiring modification to CloudShark’s code base will be resolved, on a case-by-case basis during the normal development cycle of CloudShark and made available as major or minor software upgrades, as deemed appropriate by QA Cafe.

Services Provided

  • Unlimited software support via email. All questions will be answered within the typical response time by a qualified member of the QA Cafe Support Team during normal business hours. The QA Cafe Support Team will answer all questions pertaining to CloudShark and will assist in the setup, configuration, and use of CloudShark.
  • Individual user accounts and access to the secure section of the CloudShark website which includes links for downloading different versions of CloudShark software, license management tools, and other resources not available on the public website.
  • The ability to request new features and functionality. QA Cafe will evaluate all new feature requests on a case-by-case basis and may choose to implement those that are deemed generally useful and/or beneficial.


CloudShark release numbers are defined as follows: Major Revision.Minor Revision.Patch Number, ie CloudShark Enterprise v2.7.0.

Releases are incremental and typically include a mix of new features, enhanced functionality, and maintenance fixes. Intermediate builds of a particular minor revision are also periodically released, on a case-by-case basis, as deemed appropriate by QA Cafe, to resolve specific maintenance issues that may have been identified.

All software releases are available at no extra charge throughout the contract period.

Suspension of MSA

Suspension of MSA can occur if payment terms are not met by the customer for any order. Suspension of MSA can extend to all licenses of the parent company for which the payment terms are not met. All parties will be notified in writing of the payment violation. All services under the MSA will cease during the delinquent payment period.

MSA Renewal Window

The MSA for a CloudShark license should normally be renewed before the anniversary date. If the MSA for a CloudShark license is not renewed within 90 days following the anniversary date, it is considered expired and the MSA for that license can no longer be renewed.

Support Reinstatement

CloudShark requires continuous coverage for all maintenance and support agreements. Customers receive the most value out of their CloudShark investment by keeping all CloudShark appliances and related software under a current maintenance and support agreement.

CloudShark appliances and related software are not eligible for support or upgrades once the maintenance and support agreement expires. The maintenance and support agreement may be reinstated through the purchase of a Support Reinstatement along with a new maintenance and support agreement. New support agreements added after expiration are retroactive to the previous expiration date.