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Integration Guide

Step 1. Create a CS Personal account

Click here and sign up for the 30-day free trial of one of our CS Personal SaaS accounts. You can explore the API and test things out against our servers.

If you already have access to an on-premises CS Enterprise server, log into your local server instead.

Step 2. Get an API Token

You can find your API tokens in the Preferences menu at the top of the page. This token will be used to develop your integration, for testing, and when you’re showing the CloudShark team a demo.

Tokens are tied to accounts, so when it comes time to release your integration, your customers will provide their own API Token so that uploads belong to them.

Step 3. Check out our tutorials and API documentation

Walk through a tutorial read over the documentation, or just start hacking away! It’s really easy to send PCAP files to CloudShark. How you build it is up to you.

Read more on our Support Site.

Step 4. Time for show and tell

We love seeing all the different tools that have PCAP data as a part of them, and we love to talk integration specifics with your engineers. When you have a working Proof-of-Concept for your integration, let us know! We’ll set up a call for you to show us!