CDRouter Support

A multi-port router with Ethernet and wireless

knowledge-base version 12.13


The most basic CDRouter test setup is one in which CDRouter connects directly to a single Ethernet WAN and LAN interface on the device under test (DUT). This setup is typically used for basic Ethernet-to-Ethernet routers that have a single Ethernet WAN interface and one or more Ethernet LAN interfaces.

Test Setup


  • CDRouter Multiport
  • Two or more network interfaces (based on the number of desired connections)
  • One Ethernet-to-Ethernet router


  • Simple setup for Ethernet-to-Ethernet routers and CPE
  • Great for a stand-alone test station
  • Allows the device under test to be completely isolated
  • Perfect for debugging test failures and testing new functionality



About CDRouter

CDRouter is made by QA Cafe, a technology company based in Portsmouth, NH.

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