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CDRouter 9.1 Release Notes

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Release History

Release Type Release Number Release Date
Original CDRouter 9.1 Build 6 January 26, 2015
Maintenance release 1 CDRouter 9.1 Build 7 February 5, 2015
Maintenance release 2 CDRouter 9.1 Build 8 February 24, 2015
Maintenance release 3 CDRouter 9.1 Build 10 March 26, 2015

Note: CDRouter 9.1 includes many new features and conifguration testvars. Old config files can be automatically upgraded to include all new CDRouter 9.1 testvars using the config upgrade utility.

CDRouter 9.1 Build 6 January 26, 2015

New Features and Enhancements


  • Support for wireless on the WAN

    CDRouter now allows a wireless interface to be chosen for the WAN test interface. This is specified by the wanInterface testvar. Choosing a wireless WAN interface enables a wireless AP in CDRouter. For more information, please see the WAN Wireless Setup section of the CDRouter User Guide.

  • Obsoleted support for wireless extensions.

    CDRouter support for wireless extensions has been obsoleted in this release. Previous releases would use nl80211 by default unless the /usr/buddyweb/etc/use-wext file existed, in which case wireless extensions would be used. The presence of this file no longer has any effect; nl80211 will be used exclusively.

  • Improved error messages when all tests are skipped

    If all tests scheduled to run are skipped, the error message displayed now contains more helpful information.

  • Reorganized default configuration file

    The default config file has been reorganized to improve usability. The config upgrade utility can be used to upgrade older config files to the new 9.1 layout.

CDRouter IPv6

  • New IPv6 neighbor discovery test

    The ipv6_ndp_41 test case has been created to verify an ICMPv6 Destination Unreachable is sent on address resolution failure as defined in Section 7.2 of RFC 4861.

  • New test case for verifying that the DUT ages out old prefixes

    The dhcpv6_pd_62 test case has been created to verify that the DUT properly ages out old prefixes according to Requirement L-13 of RFC 7084.

  • New DHCPv6 prefix delegation test for duplicate address detection (DAD)

    The dhcpv6_pd_63 test case has been created to verify that the DUT performs Duplicate Address Detection (DAD) on its global LAN address as defined in section 5.4 of RFC 4862.

  • New test module for verifying IPv6 TCP MSS clamping

    The new test module ipv6-mss can now be used to verify TCP MSS clamping behavior for IPv6 connections. The testvars ipv6MssClampingValue, ipv6MssClampingInValue, and ipv6MssClampingTestPort can be used to modify the expected outbound and inbound MSS clamping values and the port that is used for testing. The tests in this module have been ported from the IPv4 versions in the nat module (cdrouter_nat_400, cdrouter_nat_401, and cdrouter_nat_410).

        SECTION "IPv6 TCP MSS Clamping" {
        testvar ipv6MssClampingValue             default
        testvar ipv6MssClampingInValue           default
        testvar ipv6MssClampingTestPort          8096
  • New test for verifying neighbor unreachability detection

    The ipv6_ndp_40 test has been created to verify that the DUT performs Neighbor Unreachability Detection according to RFC 4861 Section 7.3.

CDRouter TR-069

  • Support for XMPP based connection requests

    CDRouter now supports XMPP based connection requests as defined in Annex K of TR-069 Amendment 5. XMPP connection requests can be enabled by setting the testvar acsSupportsXmppConnReq to yes. Additional configuration options are available in the new XMPP Connection Request Configuration section of the CDRouter config file.

    For more information please see the XMPP Connection Request section of the CDRouter TR-069 User Guide.

  • Support for CWMP parameter data validation

    CDRouter now has the ability to perform validation on CWMP profile parameters. Data validation is enabled by default in CDRouter 9.1. To disable data validation, set the new testvar cwmpDataValidation to no. When data validation is enabled, CDRouter will verify that the value of every parameter is syntactically correct according to syntax information contained within the Broadband Forum’s official XML data model definitions. If a parameter fails data validation, CDRouter will print a message detailing why the parameter’s value is incorrect and the test will fail.

    See the CWMP Parameter Data Validation section of the CDRouter TR-069 User Guide for more information on what properties of a parameter are checked when validation is enabled.

  • Support for VoiceService:2 profiles

    CDRouter now supports the VoiceService:2 data model as defined in TR-104 Issue 2. A new test module tr104i2_profiles has been added to the CDRouter TR-069 Extended Data Model (EDM) add-on to test the CWMP profiles defined in this specification.

  • Updated CWMP profiles

    CDRouter’s CWMP profile test modules have been updated to support the latest revisions of the Broadband Forum’s various data models. All profiles defined in the following data models are now supported:

    Data Model Version
    Device:2 2.8
    Device:1 1.13
    InternetGatewayDevice:1 1.14
    FAPService:2 2.0
    FAPService:1 1.1
    StorageService:1 1.2
    STBService:1 1.3
    VoiceService:2 2.0
    VoiceService:1 1.1

    In addition to support for the VoiceService:2 profiles mentioned above, this update adds support for the following profiles that were not included in CDRouter 9.0:

    Test Module Profile
    tr104_profiles Endpoint
    tr104_profiles MGCPEndpoint
    tr104_profiles H323Endpoint
    tr140_profiles NetServer
    tr157_profiles InformParameters
    tr181i2_profiles Download
    tr181i2_profiles DownloadTCP
    tr181i2_profiles Upload
    tr181i2_profiles UploadTCP
    tr181i2_profiles UDPEcho
    tr181i2_profiles UDPEchoPlus


  • Ability to expand/collapse log file sections when viewing log files in BuddyWeb

    Log sections are used to break test results into pieces in order to make parsing through results easier. A new feature has been added allowing the user to expand/collapse each log section or all log sections. Clicking on a log section header (brown line) will toggle whether that section is expanded or collapsed. There are also two links at the top of the page to expand or collapse all log sections. Note that this feature is only available for log files viewed from the results page, not from the status (live) page.

  • Test filter is now a pull down list

    In order to conserve space on the results page, the test filter buttons have been consolidated into a pull down list.

  • Ability to view large log files

    Previously, log files greater than 100,000 lines long could not be viewed in BuddyWeb. Now, such log files can be viewed, although they are truncated after the first 100,000 lines.

  • Improved error messages when all tests in a package are skipped.

    If all tests scheduled to run in a package are skipped, the popup box now contains more helpful information.

  • Ability to resize packet viewer pane

    While viewing a test log in BuddyWeb, the contents of individual packets can be viewed. The packet viewer pane where the packets are displayed can now be resized to make viewing easier.

  • RFC references are now links

    RFC references are often used when describing tests. These references are now HTML links to the actual RFC document and relevant section. These links can be found in test and testvar descriptions in the BuddyWeb documentation area, test descriptions at the top of log files, and the configuration editor sidebar.

  • Improvements to the Configuration Diff tool

    The Configuration Diff tools allows two config files to be compared; differences will be highlighted. This tool has been improved so that sections that are identical in both files will be collapsed, making it easier to find differences. These collapsed sections can be expanded if desired by clicking the (…) links.

New Test Modules and Test Cases

CDRouter IPv6

  • New IPv6 neighbor discovery test case

    TEST: ipv6_ndp_41
    MODULE: ndp
    DESCRIPTION: Verify ICMPv6 Destination Unreachable sent on address resolution failure
  • New DHCPv6 prefix delegation test case for verifying that old prefixes are properly aged out

    TEST: dhcpv6_pd_62
    MODULE: dhcpv6_pd
    DESCRIPTION: Verify DUT ages out prefix on LAN when WAN link is terminated
  • New DHCPv6 prefix delegation duplicate address detection test case

    TEST: dhcpv6_pd_63
    MODULE: dhcpv6_pd
    DESCRIPTION: Verify DUT performs Duplicate Address Detection on global LAN address
  • New IPv6 test to verify Neighbor Unreachability Detection

    TEST: ipv6_ndp_40
    MODULE: ndp
    DESCRIPTION: Verify Neighbor Unreachability Detection

CDRouter TR-069

  • New VoiceService:2 profiles, as defined TR-104 Issue 2

    MODULE: tr104i2_profiles
    DESCRIPTION: TR-104 Issue 2 CWMP Profile testing for VoIP devices
    NEW TESTS: 136 (many new profiles supported)
  • New profiles added to the tr104_profiles module

    MODULE: tr104_profiles
    DESCRIPTION: TR-104 CWMP Profile testing for VoIP devices
    NEW PROFILES: Endpoint, MGCPEndpoint, H323Endpoint
  • New profiles added to the tr140_profiles module

    MODULE: tr140_profiles
    DESCRIPTION: TR-140 CWMP Profile testing for Storage Service Enabled Devices
    NEW PROFILES: NetServer
  • New profiles added to the tr157_profiles module

    MODULE: tr157_profiles
    DESCRIPTION: TR-157 CWMP Profile testing for Component Objects
    NEW PROFILES: InformParameters
  • New profiles added to the tr181i2_profiles module

    MODULE: tr181i2_profiles
    DESCRIPTION: TR-181 issue 2 CWMP Profile testing for Device:2
    NEW PROFILES: Download, DownloadTCP, Upload, UploadTCP, UDPEcho, UDPEchoPlus

Bug Fixes and Notes


  • Fixed a bug in cdrouter_ssdp_5 and cdrouter_ssdp_6 tests where the BOOTID.UPNP.ORG header was not being correctly recognized.

  • Updated the description of cdrouter_nat_520 to better match the test procedure.

CDRouter TR-069

  • The Download, DownloadTCP, Upload, UploadTCP, UDPEcho, and UDPEchoPlus profiles have been added to the tr181i2_profiles test module.

    These profiles also been rearranged within the tr098_profiles test module, which has resulted in different test names for tests of these profiles and the ones they displaced (ADSL2DSLDiagnostics, VDSL2DSLDiagnostics, DHCPCondServing, DHCPOption).

    Test packages containing any of these tests from the tr098_profiles test module will need to be updated appropriately. See the table below:

    Root Data Model Profile Name CDRouter 9.0 (and prior) CDRouter 9.1 (and later)
    InternetGatewayDevice Download tr098_profile_251 tr098_profile_291
    InternetGatewayDevice DownloadTCP tr098_profile_261 tr098_profile_301
    InternetGatewayDevice Upload tr098_profile_271 tr098_profile_311
    InternetGatewayDevice UploadTCP tr098_profile_281 tr098_profile_321
    InternetGatewayDevice UDPEcho tr098_profile_291 tr098_profile_331
    InternetGatewayDevice UDPEchoPlus tr098_profile_301 tr098_profile_341
    InternetGatewayDevice ADSL2DSLDiagnostics tr098_profile_311 tr098_profile_251
    InternetGatewayDevice VDSL2DSLDiagnostics tr098_profile_321 tr098_profile_261
    InternetGatewayDevice DHCPCondServing tr098_profile_331 tr098_profile_271
    InternetGatewayDevice DHCPOption tr098_profile_341 tr098_profile_281
  • The tr69_400 test case has been updated to provide better log messages in the case where TraceRoute to host did not succeed due to the DUT returning 0 for the ResponseTime parameter.

CDRouter 9.1 Build 7 February 5, 2015

New Features and Enhancements

CDRouter TR-069

  • Configurable SSL cipher suite for ACS

    CDRouter’s ACS can now be configured to support a single explicit SSL cipher suite using the new testvar acsCipherSuite. This is an advanced feature that is helpful for verifying that the DUT interoperates with an ACS using a specific cipher suite. By default this testvar is disabled, which results in the ACS and DUT negotiating a cipher suite during the SSL handshake. The default behavior is identical to previous releases of CDRouter.

Bug Fixes and Notes


  • Updated the configuration Networks tool to display VLAN information for WAN and LAN interface nodes.

CDRouter Multiport

  • Resolved an issue with multi-service gateway configurations which resulted in numerous additional messages being displayed in the test log. These messages are harmless but have been removed for consistency with previous versions of CDRouter. The additional messages look similar to this:

    Dropping packet received: unconfigured 802.1q VLAN 10

CDRouter TR-069

  • Updated the CWMP scenarios feature to display the full path to the scenario file when running the cwmp-scenarios test module.

  • Resolved two issues with the od128_test_19.1 test case when run against Device:2 implementations:

    1. The Device.WiFi.AccessPoint.{i}.Security.ModeEnabled parameter is now set by the ACS to the value WEP-128; in previous releases this parameter was set to the invalid value of WEPEncryption

    2. The type field for the Device.WiFi.AccessPoint.{i}.Security.WEPKey parameter is now set to hexBinary; in previous releases the type field for this parameter was incorrectly set to string

  • When available, the full details for all SetParameterValuesFault RPC elements are now displayed within the test log.

  • Resolved an issue with the new InformParameters profile tests in the tr157_profiles test module (tests tr157a9_profile_401 through tr157a9_profile_407). This profile was not being loaded properly during start and would generate a fatal error.

CDRouter 9.1 Build 8 February 24, 2015

New Features and Enhancements


  • Support for wired 802.1X authenticator

    CDRouter includes an integrated 802.1X authenticator for WAN connections. To enable CDRouter’s WAN authenticator the testvar wanAuthenticator must be set to yes. When enabled CDRouter will emulate both an 802.1X authenticator and authentication server on the WAN. This simplifies the test setup for devices that require 802.1X on the WAN. Previously an external authenticator (as typically found in an Ethernet switch or a DSLAM) was required.

CDRouter TR-069

  • ACS discovery now supports DHCP option 124

    TR-069 Amendment 5 updates the ACS discovery mechanism to now support requests via DHCP options 124 (V-I vendor class) and 60 (vendor class). If the DUT includes either of these options with the correct value of, as defined in Section 3.1 of TR-069 Amendment 5, CDRouter’s DHCP server will respond with DHCP option 43 or 125, respectively, and include the ACS IP address or URL based on the value of the acsDiscoveryUrl testvar.

Bug Fixes and Notes


  • Various WAN interface testvars were not being properly validated in previous releases. This issue has been resolved. All WAN interface testvars are now validated unless the testvar wanLiveEnable is set to yes, which imposes additional constraints.

CDRouter IPv6

  • Resolved an issue with CDRouter’s IPv6 LAN clients when attempting to learn DNS information from the DUT via DHCPv6 Information Request messages.

CDRouter 9.1 Build 10 March 26, 2015

New Features and Enhancements


  • Improved error message if the BuddyWeb talkback port is already in use on the system.

    The BuddyWeb talkback port is used for communication between BuddyWeb and CDRouter. It can be set in the /usr/buddyweb/etc/config.yml file, and is set to 8080 by default. If another service or application on the system is using this port, BuddyWeb will not start. A more helpful error message now directs the user as to how this can be fixed.

CDRouter IPv6

  • Improved several tests in the ula.tcl module.

    Several tests in the ula.tcl module require CDRouter to wait for a Router Advertisement to be sent by the DUT on the LAN. The ula_1, ula_2, ula_3, ula_10, ula_11, and ula_12 tests now send a Router Solicitation to the DUT in order to prompt a Router Advertisement to be sent. This can significantly reduce the time it takes to run these tests.

Bug Fixes and Notes


  • Fixed a bug where dynamic WEP configurations were not working correctly.

  • Resolved an issue with the dns_tcp_60 test case. In previous releases CDRouter’s DNS servers were not listening for DNS requests via TCP which would result in an automatic failure.

  • CDRouter’s core OpenSSL library has been updated to version 1.0.1m.

CDRouter IPv6

  • Resolved an issue with the ipv6_dns_tcp_60 test case. In previous releases CDRouter’s DNS servers were not listening for DNS requests via TCP which would result in an automatic failure.

CDRouter TR-069

  • Fixed a bug where LowerLayers references were not using the full path name. In particular, the “Device” root object had been omitted. This fix is evident in the od128_test_19.1 and od128_test_20.1 tests.

  • Resolved an issue with CDRouter’s various profile tests when the testvar acsSkipInitialInform is set to yes. This issue was originally introduced in CDRouter 9.0 and would cause certain profile tests to not properly acknowledge GetParameterNamesResponse RPCs from the DUT resulting in test case failures.



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